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Descripción del proyecto

R&D Program broadly supported by public and private sector to develop hyperloop and associated components, culminating in a test track for demonstration and certification to allow commercialization.

The goal of the European Hyperloop Program, initiated by Hardt, is to collaborate with hyperloop companies and co-developing partners in a common standardization roadmap, to bring down the costs of hyperloop through R&D, and to test and showcase the developed technologies to allow commercialization. The program will span several institutes and R&D centers in Europe, and is supported by a combination of industrial partners, research institutes and public bodies.

País, región

Países Bajos [Flevoland]


Francia [Occitanie]

Spain, Poland

Fecha de comienzo

diciembre 2019

Coste estimado del proyecto

150 millones de euros


Nuevas tecnologías y ecologización del transporte

Investigación, desarrollo e innovación

Titularidad de los activos


Tipo de proyecto

Totalmente nuevo

Estado del proyecto


Tipo de ingresos

Basados en el mercado

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Justificación económica / modelo empresarial

Hyperloop is a solution that fits well with the sustainable development goals of 1) Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, 2) Taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts and 3) Building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. It can be integrated into existing rights of way such as highway and rail and could supplement the 50.000 km of core railway of TEN-T by 2050. This is a total market of approximately €1 trillion and will likely enable larger socio-economic benefits over its lifetime.

Investment into the European Hyperloop Program will foster a European hyperloop industry and allow development of a certified solution that fits in a regulatory framework. This both allows Europe to reap the benefits of hyperloop as a solution, as well as to profit from the potential export market for European business. The industry partners that benefit from investment into this R&D program now will pay a percentage of their revenue back when a hyperloop market has been established.

Detalles de la financiación

Financiación del proyecto garantizada: 4.50 millones de euros (3 %)

Fuente de financiación: Asociación público-privada

Hardt is establishing a movement broadly supported by both the public sector and the private sector. A mix of many different funds is expected, including regional funds and industry partners who see a potential market in hyperloop, either as technology provider or as transport service provider. Hardt will partially finance the program through equity, and the rest of the program may be financed through debt which will be paid-off as a percentage of future industry revenue.

El promotor ha solicitado o tiene intención de solicitar financiación de la UE o del BEI en relación con este proyecto

Obstáculos existentes o potenciales para la realización del proyecto / Riesgos potenciales

Most fundamental technologies required for hyperloop have an equivalent in either the rail (maglev) or aviation sector, but the integration of the technologies and several innovations in control systems, and lane switching, and boarding procedures still carry technological risks. The risk also exist that hyperloop will not find its way in policy and it may not be implemented. Finally, a non-European solution may get to market first, diminishing the effectiveness of the European program.

Información adicional sobre el proyecto

Hardt has been involved in several feasibility studies which have culminated in positive advice to the Dutch government to invest in a test facility. The Dutch parliament unanimously supported a motion to investigate the business case of a hyperloop test facility, of which the discussions are currently ongoing. Several international companies with multiple billions of euros of revenue have partnered and/or invested with/in Hardt and are co-developing hyperloop, and will also share the risk of this R&D program and the test facility.

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