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Descripción del proyecto

AlzhUp is the first social-health digital service fighting against Alzheimer’s focused on delaying cognitive impairment and help in active ageing, increasing QoL of patients, caregivers and families.

AlzhUp is based on the use of Non Pharmacological Therapies, scientifically validated by the Spanish Ministry of Health and CRE Alzheimer after 2 years of scientific research with more than 150 users, combined with a Personal Bank of Memories that uses own memories with a special algorithm simulating brain behaviour and with gamification techniques to improve Active Participation of family and using current technology as a vehicle to offer an accessible service.

País, región

España [Comunidad de Madrid]


Fecha de comienzo

septiembre 2016

Coste estimado del proyecto

10 millones de euros



Digital, incluidos los contenidos y servicios digitales

Titularidad de los activos


Tipo de proyecto


Estado del proyecto

Construcción iniciada

Tipo de ingresos

Subscription, doctor referral, training

Justificación económica / modelo empresarial

AlzhUp has currently a first working version that is being tested with more than 150 users. However, even if the first ICAP Therapy is already tested in Spain, due to differences in health system across different countries, we need to keep validating our platform, which requires strong investment. Additionally, in order to obtain the base of users needed in our market, who are very disseminate, we need a strong investment in terms of User Acquisition, mainly for B2C model, with a cost of 100 €/user (B2B model is already working, with a first contract in place with a Spanish insurance company at a cost of 1.8 €/user). And also, we need to continue developing the service in technical terms, adding more devices, improving technology and adding features for covering the whole cognitive decline cycle. The breakdown of the budget is as follows:
- Technical development: 2 M€ next 3 years,
- Scientific validation FDA in USA: 3 M€ next 2 years,
- Investment in User Acquisition B2C model: 3.5 M€ next 3 years,
- Business Development LATAM & Asia: 1.5 M€ next 3 years.
We are a global company, with a subsidiary established in Miami to face the USA market (commercial office), although all the project are being developed in Europe (Spain)

Detalles de la financiación

Financiación del proyecto garantizada: 1 millones de euros (10 %)

Contribución propia: 1 millones de euros (10 %)

Fuente de financiación: Privada

Reta al Alzheimer has already secured and investment 800.000 € and have partners in USA who can support up to 2 M€.

El promotor ha solicitado o tiene intención de solicitar financiación de la UE o del BEI en relación con este proyecto

Obstáculos existentes o potenciales para la realización del proyecto / Riesgos potenciales

Attraction of users: disseminated market, fed up of non working solutions for Alzheimer’s.
Scientific Claims: we have a scientific validation in place for AlzhUp thanks to CRE Salamanca in Spain, and we need our clinical trials of AlzhUp in USA to demonstrate our effectiveness and position our service.
Penetration into other markets: we will require specific needs of each market in order to properly adapt AlzhUp, that is the reason to gather the correct knowledge and partners we need.

Información adicional sobre el proyecto

Reta al Alzheimer has managed by its own means to fufill the first phase of its big vision, creating the first version of its service, conducting clinical trials, validating the core science of the company, managing to gather partners externally and also signing its first contract in the B2B market. In order to continue an exponential growth and fulfill its second stage (gathering millions of users affected by Alzheimer’s in different locations), we need a huge investment. AlzhUp is not just an ICT company, nor a full Biological one, but the mix of both sides which demands high investment but with very profitability results.

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