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We help cities and organizations to extract insights from people’s opinions.

Citibeats is an AI Text Analytics Platform, unique in identifying social insights and trends. It structures, analyzes and synthesizes people’s opinions from large quantities of data in any region in any language from any text data source, so they are easy to use.

Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms transform a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence that empowers decision makers.

Citibeats solutions for smart cities, infrastructure, insurance, finance and tourism

Ivan Caballero


Ivan Caballero is a leader, entrepreneur, and strategist working in pursuit of a kinder society through the inclusion and empowerment of people. For over two decades, Ivan has carried out projects in which the social uses of technology and the internet are applied to social engagement, purpose-driven entrepreneurship, and citizen-oriented cities. Ivan has been a mentor or advisor for many social-impact startups in areas of value proposition testing, organizational development, venture acceleration, grant-making, fundraising, outreach, networking and consulting. In 2014, he founded The Social Coin, a social movement platform to foster and track acts of kindness. It soon led to a global movement, using game-changing technology for social engagement in companies, universities and Smart Cities. Citibeats is the result of Social Coin’s experiment and more than 1 year of R&D, a real-time awareness tool for social needs helping customers to react better and faster in fast-changing social environment.

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País, región

España [Cataluña]


Japan, LATAM, United Kingdom

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enero 2018

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1 millones de euros


Digital, incluidos los contenidos y servicios digitales

Industry for SMEs & Mid-Caps

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