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  • What is the goal of the European Investment Project Portal?

    The EIPP is a central EU project promoting platform which aims to create a bridge between EU project promoters and investors. The Portal seeks to boost the visibility of existing EU investment opportunities.

  • What type of projects are accepted to be published on the Portal?

    The EIPP was created on the basis of Article 15 of Regulation (EU) 2015/1017 on the European Fund for Strategic Investments, the European Investment Advisory Hub and the European Investment Project Portal. Specific details on the EIPP are laid down in Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1942, as amended by the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) and 2017/919 of 29 May 2017.

    According to the Commission Implementing Decision, to be admitted for a potential publication on the EIPP your project must:
    - have a total cost of at least €1 million
    - fall under one of the pre-determined high-economic-value-added sectors (a choice of up to two sectors per project is available to the promoters)
    - be implemented on the territory of the European Union and promoted by a legal entity (public/private) established in an EU Member State
    - be expected to start within three years of submission (or shall have started already)
    - be compatible with all applicable EU and national law

  • Who can use the Portal?

    The EIPP is designed for EU project promoters and international investors. You need to log in to the Portal to submit your project and/or contact promoters of the projects already published.

  • What is the link between the Portal and the other parts of the Investment Plan for Europe (in particular EFSI)?

    The three parts established under Regulation (EU) 2015/1017 are independent of each other. Publishing a project on the Portal is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee for receiving financing from EFSI or any other EU institution or instrument.

  • Do I need to pay a fee to submit a project?

    No. Project submission and publication are free for all projects promoters, public or private.

  • In which language can I submit a project?

    The EIPP is available in all EU official languages and projects can be submitted in all these languages. If you submit your project in a language other than English, the European Commission will provide a free translation into English. Your project will be published on the EIPP in both languages. The original language version will be the authentic version and the English translation will be for information only.

  • Can cross-border projects be published on the EIPP?

    Yes, under the condition that the investment takes place in all the indicated EU countries. Cross-border projects with non-EU countries are also permitted as long as the investment takes place, at least partially, in one of the EU countries.

  • How are projects screened before their publication?

    The European Commission screens projects on the basis of the admission criteria laid down in the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2016/1942 as amended by the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/919.
    The EIPP is not intended to replace the usual due diligence process investors have to undertake before making investment decisions.

  • Is the European Commission liable for the project information published on the Portal?

    No, the project promoters are entirely responsible for the project information which is published on the Portal.

  • How long do I need to wait for the publication of my project after its submission?

    Once you have submitted a project you can expect your project to be published after 45 working days. The publication depends on how clearly a project is described and how promptly requested information is provided. Projects need to be clearly described and requested documents should be provided as soon as possible to the EIPP team.

  • How long will my project be published on the EIPP?

    For 3 years. During that time, project promoters are encouraged to give updates on how their projects are progressing.

  • Can a project already published be removed from the Portal?

    Yes, when the project has obtained necessary financing, when the project does not meet anymore the admission criteria or in case of failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions for the use of the EIPP.


  • Why do I need to log in to the EIPP?

    The login to the EIPP allows you to submit projects online and/or contact promoters of projects already published.

  • How to log in to the EIPP?

    After clicking on "Login" on the EIPP homepage, three steps are necessary to use the Portal:
    1. create an EU LOGIN account (if you do not have already one) which is required to log in to all the applications managed by the European Commission;
    2. select your first interest in the EIPP (either promoting or investing) and accept the Terms and Conditions;
    3. complete the section "My Profile".

  • Do I need to use a specific browser to log in?

    No, but please take different browsers into consideration if you face any difficulties.

  • What does "My first interest in the EIPP" mean?

    Only the first time when you log in to the EIPP, you will be requested to declare if you are interested in submitting a project or investing in a project. If you select "Promoting" you will be re-directed to the promoter’s corner while if you select "Investing" you will be re-directed to the investor’s corner.

2.1 My Profile

  • Why does the contact e-mail address need to be a professional one?

    The contact e-mail address needs to be a valid professional e-mail address as it will be used for answering and coordinating project-related requests and receiving messages from investors.
    In case of change, please update it as soon as possible in your user profile. The contact e-mail address will remain a confidential information and will not be made visible to the public.

  • What is the difference between EU Login address and contact e-mail address?

    EU Login address is the e-mail address of your EU Login account required to log in to all the applications managed by the European Commission.
    The contact e-mail address that you indicate on the page "My profile" will be used to receive communication by the EIPP team and investors. It can be different from the EU Login address.

  • I am the EIPP contact person of several organisations, which one do I need to indicate in "My profile"?

    In "My Profile" you indicate the organisation you belong to. In "My organisation(s)", you indicate the information of the organisations that you represent on the EIPP when you create them.


  • Can anyone submit a project for publication on the EIPP?

    The EIPP project promoter shall be a legal entity established in one of the EU Member States and shall not be subject to insolvency proceedings. Neither individuals, nor legal entities in bankruptcy, in the process of liquidation or a similar procedure are allowed to submit projects to the Portal.

  • May I contact the investors registered on the Portal?

    No. As promoter you will be able only to contact other promoters of projects already published but not investors.

  • How can the EIPP help me increase my chances of attracting investors?

    The EIPP aims to provide your project with visibility to investors worldwide. In order to capitalise on this and with the aim of maximising your chances of attracting investors, we are glad to provide you with the following downloadable guidance document for your reference. This contains a list of points to help you describe and present your project so as to ensure that crucial information which investors are interested in is included. If you are interested in further guidance regarding the structuring of your project, our EIPP partner SIF/SOURCE provides an extensive set of questions to guide you through this process. You can access it HERE.

  • What is the "Promoter’s corner"?

    The "Promoter’s corner" is the area of the EIPP dedicated to project promoters where new organisations can be created and new projects submitted.

  • Who is the P.A.R.?

    The Project Appointed Representative (P.A.R.) is the official contact person appointed by the organisation to manage the information concerning the project to be published on the EIPP. He/She is therefore entitled to provide and update the information required in the project form. The P.A.R. has to be the same person as the registered user in the EIPP.

3.1 Promoter’s corner - My Organisation

  • How can I submit my organisation?

    Your organisation will be automatically submitted after having clicked on the button "submit".

  • What can be the status of my organisation?

    The status of your organisation can be:
    - "draft" until you submit your project;
    - "completed" when you have submitted your project;
    - "confirmed" when your project has been screened and your organisation has been validated;
    - "archived" when the publication of your project has been refused and your organisation has not been validated.

  • How can I submit documents requested by the EIPP team?

    If you are requested to provide additional documents, you should upload them in your EIPP account under the project or organisation details section. Documents can be uploaded at any time before and after the project submission.

  • Who is the organisation contributor?

    The person who creates the organisation on the EIPP. He/She is the only one entitled to modify the information regarding the organisation on the EIPP and can invite new members to join the same organisation on the EIPP.

  • My organisation already exists on the EIPP. How can I submit projects?

    To submit a project promoted by an organisation already registered on the EIPP, you first have to be invited by the organisation contributor to join the same organisation. As a new organisation member you can consult the information of the organisation and submit new projects. Only the organisation contributor can modify the information of the organisation.

3.2 Promoter’s corner - My projects

  • What information is needed to submit a project?

    The submission process is quick and easy, and only a few mandatory fields need to be filled in. The project has to be clearly described to attract potential investors. No confidential information needs to be provided for the publication on the Portal.

  • How can I submit a project?

    After having logged in to the EIPP, you have to click on the button "Add an organisation"and fill in the required fields.
    Then you need to click on the button "Add your project", fill in the mandatory fields and submit the project. You will find more information on the "How to add your project" page on the EIPP website.

  • My project is promoted by several companies. How can this be indicated in the application form?

    In the application form, only one organisation can be indicated as a project promoter. Information regarding partners can be provided either in the field "Description" or in the field "Additional information". Partners have to agree to publish project information by signing the Project Appointed Representative letter.

  • What can I indicate in the field "Start date" if I do not know yet the start date of my project ?

    You can indicate the expected start date on the basis of the information available. A project shall have already started or be expected to start within 3 years following its submission to be published.

  • What can be the status of my project?

    The project status indicates the current status of your application and can be:
    - "draft", until you submit your project ;
    - "submitted", when you have submitted your project;
    - "published", when your project has been published on the EIPP;
    - "archived", when the publication of your project has been refused, when your project has to be removed from the Portal, or withdrawn before the publication.

  • Will all the information provided be published on the Portal?

    No, only information marked with an eye-icon will be published. Additional documents that you uploaded in the Portal will be available only to the EIPP team and will not be publicly visible.

  • What are the mandatory documents I need to provide for project publication?

    You will have to upload the Project Appointment Representative (P.A.R.) letter. The template is available under the "Templates library" and in the project form once the project is saved. Furthermore, the EIPP team can ask for additional documents.

  • What if the Project Appointment Representative (P.A.R.) changes?

    If the P.A.R. changes, the EIPP team has to be informed and the new P.A.R. has to register as a user on the EIPP. The project promoter needs to upload a new P.A.R. letter on the EIPP.

3.3 Promoter’s corner - My dashboard

  • What is "My dashboard"?

    "My dashboard" is the section where information on your projects, organisations and actions required (e.g. project application to be finalised) is displayed.

  • What can I do in "My dashboard"?

    You can have an overview on the organisations and the projects already created (key figures), as well as monitor actions needed (in progress).


  • Do I need to be registered on the EIPP?

    Yes, in order to contact promoters, an investor needs to log in to the EIPP. For more information on how to log in, please consult the section 2 "LOGIN" of the FAQ.

  • How can I contact a promoter?

    After registration, an investor can contact promoters by using the online form available.

  • What can I do as an investor?

    As an investor, you can:
    - consult the list of projects published;
    - set your search project preferences and subscribe to tailored newsletters;
    - receive weekly notifications regarding new and updated projects published;
    - contact project promoters.

  • What is "My dashboard"?

    "My dashboard" is the section where information on the new projects published and your preferences is displayed.