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Project description

iSmart is an inclusive app especially designed for assisting comprehension whilst reading

iSmart is an inclusive app especially designed for assisting comprehension whilst reading. It originally started by focusing on students with learning difficulties but has now widened to a larger user group. It aims to give back confidence to whoever is struggling to read, write and study. iSmart is an app which runs on iOS and Android devices, and helps readers at home, at school or at their workplace.

Annalise Duca


Annalise has over 12 years EdTech experience. She is involved in the operations of iSmart. From initial stages to piloting she was always there discussing with students, teachers, parents and experts on how best to build the perfect app for students with learning difficulties. She is also currently leading the team in terms of product development and marketing overview.

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Country, Region

Malta [Malta]

Finland [Helsinki-Uusimaa]

Italy [Sicilia]


Start date

February 2017

Estimated project cost

EUR 1 million


Other Digital, including Content and Services

Human Capital, Education & Training

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status

Implementation/ Commercialisation

Revenue type

B2B business Model with Publishers

Expected Jobs created


Pitch Book


Economic rationale / Business Model

iSmart business model is that the app is free for our end-users: students, parents, teachers and readers and paired with a B2B model for publishers & content providers including magazines and newspapers. Our main revenue comes from an initial fixed fee integration and a per book commission. Further to this, our AI Data and Reporting is another revenue stream which will help our partners make strategic decisions based on their readers data. Our reports will be made available to publishers, schools and health care professionals who want to understand more how to improve their services and products.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 0.25 million (25 %)

Financing source: Private

The majority shareholder Ms Angele Giuliano (serial entrepreneur, business angel) has been investing her money and resources for the past year and a half to the tune of around 250K. The company is also registered in Finland, apart from Malta. We have a LoI already from a Norwegian business angel, and are at the moment also part of xEdu - an Accelerator programme in Helsinki that focuses on edtech companies

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

We currently foresee that some resistance from book publishers could exists, however we are currently researching the market and testing our new business model with publishers from different countries in order to ensure that we minimise this risk and ensure that we continue providing them with a tool which is inline with their needs.

Project additional information

We are finalists in the United Nations World Summit Awards in 2018 for the sector Edtech (Educational Technologies) and semi-finalist of the EdTech 2018 by KryptoLabs

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