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Project description

Design, construction, financing, operation, maintenance and exploitation of a Central Interurban Bus Station in Eleonas area

The project includes the new Central Interurban Bus Station that will be developed at an area of 66.4 acres belonging to Attikο Metro S.A. The Station will serve Greece’s all Interurban Bus Lines, while there will be provision to serve International Bus Lines as well. There will also be possible to accommodate other facilities such as commercial stores, dining and coffee areas, cultural facilities, even a small hotel unit. The construction of an underground parking area is also foreseen.

Country, Region

Greece [Aττική (Attiki)]

Start date

September 2017

Estimated project cost

EUR 300 million


Urban Mobility Projects

Multimodal Nodes (ports, airports, stations, logistic platforms)

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type


Economic rationale / Business Model

The project is considered of high importance for the prefecture of Attica, which is currently served by two interurban bus stations, both operating at over exceeding capacities, while access to them is achieved by car, taxi or urban buses.
Furthermore, international bus line stations/stops are spread within the Athens city centre, resulting in a number of drawbacks for both passengers and the city, such as provision of low quality services, not available interchanges between modes, non-organized services and high traffic volumes at the stations’ surrounding area.
The new Station will constitute a multi-modal transportation node including “Eleonas” metro station, urban buses terminals, parking areas and transit areas to taxis and international bus lines.
It is a project of high public interest, aiming at developing an eco-friendly Terminal Station of high aesthetics, providing high quality services to approx. 13m. passengers annually and excellent organization of transits from and to all public transportation means and direct connection to the airport, enhancing connectivity with neighboring countries, as well as at contributing to the decongestion of the Athens city center.

Financing details

Financing source: PPP

The project duration is estimated at 36 months.
The proposed business model is that of a PPP. The construction and operation of the project will be undertaken by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Sources of revenues include the commercial exploitation of whole facility.

The promoter has received / applied for EU / EIB financing support related to this project.

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

The project is a very complex one in terms of construction, passenger volume and complexity of related operational systems. Involved stakeholders will be Attiko Metro S.A., KTEL (the main intercity public transport bus service in Greece) companies, Egaleo Municipality, the State and private investors.
The project is at an early stage requiring very good coordination between all partners involved, in order to meet schedule requirements.

Project additional information

Intended co-financiers are EIB, Private funding, State financial contribution.
The project: boosts synergies between TEN T infrastructure & urban mobility – urban development aspects, further capitalizes the concentrated innovative potential of urban nodes, contributes to reinforcing infrastructural cooperation, optimizes accessibility facilities, involves all relevant actors, notably regional & local authorities, the industry & the business world.
Actions taken: A memorandum of collaboration has been signed between Attiko Metro S.A., KTEL companies & Egaleo Municipality. The structural enforcement of the metro station in Eleonas, above which the new Station will be constructed, has been completed. This project was EU funded.

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