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Project description

Technology for Basalt Fibers, Basalt-Zirconia and Zirconia-Tantalum ultra-strong and fireproof Fibers for production of various elements for construction, engineering, etc.

We offer a unique technology for Basalt-Fibers and Zirconia-Fibers and Fiber-Composites production, based on Stoichiometric Oxy-Hydrogen Gas-Plasma Fiber-Welding and 3D-Printing, into superstrong Bone-Structures and Hard Foams - 3 times stronger than Steel, 3 times lighter and 20 times cheaper.
This advanced technology could be applied in production and assembling an entire building, road, pipeline, etc., by a full kit of prefabricated composite elements, at a cost, close to zero.

Country, Region

Bulgaria [София (Sofia)]

Start date

September 2017

Estimated project cost

EUR 3 million


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Economic rationale / Business Model

We offer an advanced technology for Oxy-Hydrogen Gas-Thermal Energy Supply for production of Basalt - Zirconia (ZrO2) Fibers and 3D-Printed Fiber-Composites. These are the strongest structure materials on Earth. They are 3 times stronger than steel, 3 times lighter and 20 times cheaper. Zirconia-Tantalum Fiber-Composites are even stronger, and thermally-resistant (3,000 deg.C) and suitable for various Aerospace applications. These materials don’t corrode, they are fireproof and waterproof, UV-Rays proof, electrically non-conductive and highly abrasion-resistant. They can be used for production of extremely wide range of construction materials as wall/roof/floor modular panels, elements for modular roads, pipelines, towers, various buildings, and also for various machine parts and bodies construction. Building with such modular elements will be times cheaper, stronger and long-lasting. Due to the low price of the raw materials - basalt and zirconia, and the almost zero cost of the oxy-hydrogen energy provided, the final cost of the fiber-composite elements will be extremely low and competitive. These materials could entirely replace the steel and many other metals, polymers and composites. Also, they are 100% clean.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 0 million (0 %)

Financing source: Private

Project funding’s repayment will be effected in 3-4 years.

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Publication: 19/12/2017 | Last update: 19/12/2017

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