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Project description

Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica is a key EU infrastructure project to link Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland with a new European gauge fast conventional railway.

Rail Baltica is one of the priority projects of the European Union: Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T). It envisages a continuous rail link from Tallinn (Estonia) to Warsaw (Poland), going via Riga (Latvia) and Kaunas (Lithuania). The Baltic route should be completed by 2025; the link to Warsaw-2030.

Country, Region

Latvia [Extra-Regio NUTS 3]

Lithuania [Extra-Regio NUTS 3]

Estonia [Extra-Regio NUTS 3]

Poland, Finland

Start date

January 2015

Estimated project cost

EUR 5000 million


Trans European Network – Transport

Multimodal Nodes (ports, airports, stations, logistic platforms)

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type


Financing details

Financing source: Public

Connecting Europe Facility grants + 15% national co-financing

Publication: 23/06/2016 | Last update: 20/04/2017

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