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Project description

Setup & operation of
- waterdrome network to Greek Mainland & Islands
- fuel stations
- a technical base for seaplane maintenance
- operation (schedule, charter, cargo, med flights) by seaplanes

Setup & operation of
- 60 waterdrome network classified to 2 metropolitan, 13 central and 45 peripheral waterdromes
- 13 fuel stations
- technical base for seaplane maintenance
Operation by 20 seaplanes

Greek Water Airports planning includes entire Greece up to 2024, with following priorities:

Ionian Sea, Crete, Dodecanese and Cyclades Islands, Chalkidiki Region, Peloponnese, Saronic Gulf, Western Greece, Epirus, West-Central Macedonia, Mainland Greece, East Macedonia-Thrace, North Aegean

Country, Region

Greece [Extra-Regio NUTS 2]

Croatia [Splitsko-dalmatinska županija]

Italy [Extra-Regio NUTS 2]

Start date

September 2016

Estimated project cost

EUR 43.83 million


Trans European Network – Transport


Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type


Economic rationale / Business Model

Proposed development scenario:
Develop 60 waterdromes up to 2025 (waterdromes at almost 50% of available positions),
Develop 13 fuel stations & a technical base, Acquisition of 20 seaplanes,

Required Funding: 6,41MEuros
Net Profit (within 10 Years): 30,37MEuros

Seaplane Operation:
Required Funding: 37,42MEuros
Initial Funding Requirement (within 1st Year): 18,52MEuros
IRR: 12,9% Baseline Internal Return of Investement after 10 years

In total:
Required funding: 43,83MEuros

Greek Water-Airports:
- is the backbone of former AirSealines operated in Ionian Sea (2004 to 2009) serving 180.000 passengers via 15000 flights
- is the Market Leader with 30 contracts assigned
- has High Experience Team on Licensing Procedure acc. to legislation
- has Vast Experience on Waterdrome Operation
- Managed to get the 1st Licensed Waterdrome in Corfu under new Legislation

K2 Smartjet SA is an official European Air Carrier with high skilled engineering & technical staff.

Assets of Waterdromes will belong to Port Authorities.
Waterdrome Operation Licenses will be issued in the name of the Authorities.
Waterdrome Operator will be a Joint Firm of Port Authorities and Greek Water-Airports

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 4.383 million (10 %)

Financing source: Private

Self Participation will be covered up by Shareholders Scheme of Greek Water-Airports:

AKTOR Facility Management SA 35% of shares
K2 Smarts Jet SA 20% of shares
Chatzinadronis Aerospace & Touristic Ltd 20% of shares
Ant. Vassilakis SA 5% of shares
Anastasios Govas 20% of shares

The promoter has applied or has the intention to apply for EU or EIB financing related to this project

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

Licensing bureaucratic procedures for waterdrome network
-Waterdrome license is issued by Ministry of Transportation. Ministry procedures need to be accelerated
Certain fields of Greek legislation which need to be reformed
-Seaplanes availability (leased or brand-new)
Availability of seaplanes is small so an optimum seaplanes acquisition plan should be made for that.

Project additional information

- At project development stage almost 1000 people will be employed for the construction and licensing of Waterdromes & Seaplanes
- At operation stage more than 2000 people will be directly or indirectly employed to seaplane industry.
- Additionally, seaplane industry will support touristic development creating more than 5000 new job openings.

Trans-European Network
Developing seaplanes routes within Greece will help to establish in the near future, cross-country routes with Croatia, South Italy and Turkey. In the mid-term, Malta and Spain are expected to enter the seaplane market creating thus a large-scale trans-European Network, offering valuable transport services to millions of people.

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