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Project description

BIO- PHOSPHATE is a recovered organic Phosphorus & innovative fertilizer product, produced from food grade animal bones with advanced zero emission carbon refinery process (3R technology)

This BIO-PHOSPHATE replicator project aiming 2019/2020 implementation of an full industrial recovery plant and market uptake replication of the outputs with 30% P2O5 high nutrient concentration. The 20,800 t/y throughput installation to process food grade animal bones by the 3R advanced zero emission pyrolysis is an international market uptake replication model for the technology/products. External funding req.: <€10M. IRR >25%. Location: HU-2472 Kajaszo, BIOFARM Agri Research Station.

Edward Someus

biochar S&T senior engineer

International leading scientific and industrial engineering expert in the specific sectors for recycling and reuse of agricultural/food industrial by-products and unexplored biomass for valorisation and reuse applications by zero emission pyrolysis/carbon refinery and integrated soil biotechnology means. Core competence in innovative fertilizer Phosphorous recovery and Nitrogen nutrient recycling, including innovative technology scale up, economical full industrialization, implementation and end-product market take up under market competitive conditions in the EU, USA and Australia. Original inventor of the “3R” Recycle-Reduce-Reuse zero emission advanced pyrolysis technology, Bio-Phosphate processing, product BIO-NPK-C formulation and user applications. Coordinator and key technology designer for large scale EU RTD recycling projects since 2002, including policy support management for Circular Economy Fertilizers Regulations revision.

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Country, Region

Hungary [Fejér]

France [Bretagne]

Belgium [Prov. Liège]

Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, USA

Start date

September 2019

Estimated project cost

EUR 13.5 million


Agriculture and rural development, forestry and bio-economy

Resource Efficiency and Environmental Protection, including Blue Economy

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Project status

Partial financing secured

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Economic rationale / Business Model

Currently there are no safe and recovered phosphorus (P) bio-products on the market with high (>30%) P2O5 nutrient concentration. As the EU P-demand is almost fully imported, while the low heavy metal (Cadmium/Uranium) content and low cost P-reserves are shortly exhausted; the European Commission defined phosphorus as critical raw material (COM(2017) 490). Terra Humana Ltd. has developed an innovative technology in economical industrial scale for Phosphorus recovery from food-grade animal bones through a series of RTD projects. BIO-PHOSPHATE (ABC Animal Bone Char) having a 92% calcium-phosphate (>30% P2O5) content which makes it a significant source of phosphorus and thus an alternative of the mineral phosphate fertilizers in current use. For farmers, the economic benefits of ABC is: lower production cost (15-25%), improved fruit quality (50%) with higher food safety and higher economical value, improving yields >10%, overall efficiency/ecological improvements in the organic and low-input horticultural sector (fruit & vegetables) for SME farmers. BUSINESS MODEL: implement economical scale full industrial and market replication model (BIO-PHOSPHATE replicator 2020) and than 2021-2025 franchise replicate ten international projects.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 4.05 million (30 %)

Self participation: EUR 4.05 million (30 %)

Financing source: Private

The BIO-PHOSPHATE replicator 2020 CAPEX is €13.5M for an 20,800 t/y throughput capacity bio-phosphate industrial replication model plant, from which up to <€10M external investment is searched. This allows 12,500 t/y ABC products, autothermal process and 4,000 t/y surplus bio-oil for bioenergetic applications, that is generating >€15M EXW whole sales and with product formulation >€20M EXW whole sales net revenues. IRR=25%. Market uptake identified. 10 replicated projects planned

The promoter has applied or has the intention to apply for EU or EIB financing related to this project

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

The existing bottlenecks for realization are the capital requirements for a technology intensive project with status post development, prior commercialization with no revenues yet. The ABC Bio-Phosphate installation, production start and commercial market uptake of the ABC products require initial €13.5M financial resources in order to complete and operational start up of the BIO-PHOSPHATE replicator 2020 industrial and market replication model at economical industrial scale 20,800 t/y capacity.

Project additional information

Terra Humana Ltd. is a tech-intensive high-tech company playing a leading international role in zero emission pyrolysis technology engineering, phosphorus recovery and biochar industrial RTD/production. Since 2002, Terra Humana Ltd. has coordinated multiple international RTD programs in the specific field of carbon refinery and phosphorus recovery. The company is the original source and inventor of the “3R” Recycle-Reduce-Reuse zero emission advanced pyrolysis technology and ABC product. The 3R development has been financed by the company until 2002. From 2002, the EU Commission selected the technology and co-funded the further developments through its research and development programmes. By 2019 full industrial/commercial level reached.

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