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Project description

Direct access to the airport of Basel-Mulhouse by regional trains. The project is supported by partners, SNCF networks, EuroAirport, Grand East Region and the Federal Transport Office (Switzerland)

The project aims to enable direct access of the Airport of Basel-Mulhouse by regional trains (TER, TER 200 and S-Bahn). It involves the creation of:
1. a new station located directly in front of the terminal;
2. a railway section of 6 km, a branch line of the existing Strasbourg-Mulhouse-Basel line.
It is the only trinational airport in the world, the 3th airport of Switzerland and the 7th of France.

Country, Region

France [Grand-Est]



Start date

April 2016

Estimated project cost

EUR 220 million


Trans European Network – Transport

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type

Market and balancing subsidies (% to be defined)

Economic rationale / Business Model

Direct access by train to Basel-Mulhouse Airport (EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg) provides the annual airport passengers (7.1 million in 2015) and the employees at the airport (approximately 6 200 at the end of 2015) with an efficient alternative to car travel and shortened travel times compared to current bus travel offers (gaining of about 10 minutes from Basel and around 20 minutes from Mulhouse compared to current public transport).
This project is aimed at the 25 000 persons leaving and getting to the EuroAirport daily.
This project contributes to the increasing of the attractiveness of the territory, a trinational space (France-Switzerland-Germany).
The funding agreement for the previous studies and consultations was signed by the partners in April 2016.
Despite a significant investment cost, the advantages of the project in terms of transport quality enable it to display high socio-economic indicators, with an internal rate of return for the community of around 6 % (the return of profits in relation to investment over time).

Financing details

Financing source: Public

The financial package remains to be defined. The project financing arrangements are based on political decisions. At this stage, discussions between the partners have led to the principle of funding, on one hand, by the French State and the authorities concerned and, on the other hand, by the Helvetic Confederation and the Swiss cantons concerned and the Bâle-Mulhouse airport. The Land of Baden-Württemberg and the European Union may also be solicited.

The promoter has applied or has the intention to apply for EU or EIB financing related to this project

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks


Project additional information

In establishing the time frame for the realisation of the project the time needed for studies and consultations, guidance and administrative procedures, namely the forthcoming public investigation, the land acquisition and works shall be taken into account. The time frame planned for the works is 2022-2025.

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