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Project description

Design and build of a new Cruise Terminal to ensure a secure future to Venetian cruise by respecting the environment of Venice and its Lagoon.

The new terminal, capable of accommodating up to four large ships, is composed of a long pier 734 m in length (954 m including mooring dolphins) and 34 m in width and is fully removable. The terminal is designed with the most advanced technologies in terms of logistics, energy and environmental sustainability and is ready to face all marine engineering innovations. Duferco Engineering is the project designer, Duferco Italia Holding and DP consulting are the project makers.

Country, Region

Italy [Veneto]

Start date

November 2017

Estimated project cost

EUR 144 million


Multimodal Nodes (ports, airports, stations, logistic platforms)


Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Economic rationale / Business Model

The project has been declared a "project of Public Interest" by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and therefore included in the list of the "Italian strategic work" under the Italian D.L. 163/2006 and s.m.a.s..
Venice lagoon environment has to be preserved without depriving tourists of the opportunity to see Venice at a close range. With the new terminal the large cruise vessels will remain out of Venice Laguna and only the minor vessels (up to 40.000 GRT) will be allowed to enter, by significantly reducing the creation of waves, noise and the emission of gas, and making use of renewable energy sources.
The cruise business is preserved as well as the present jobs, while further job opportunity will be created.

Financing details

Financing source: PPP

To be defined.
The investors will act in a public / private partnership, according to the Italian D.L. 153/2006 and s.m.a.s., since the project has been evaluated as "public interest".

The promoter has received / applied for EU / EIB financing support related to this project.

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

The Ministry of Environment granted a positive opinion on the Project. Presently the Project is at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Trasport.
Political decision expected since July 2017.

Project additional information

The project wil be managed by a public / private partnership, according to the Italian law 443/2001 ("Legge Obiettivo"). Environmental Impact Assessment is under evaluation at Ministry of Environment; the regional the environmental impact assessment commission has already expressed its positive opinion.

Publication: 16/11/2016 | Last update: 16/06/2017

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