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Project description

A complex multi-stage European Tech Startups hubs, educating, helping, financing and executing innovative tech ideas and projects.

A 3 parts project, incubators to host and help creators and visionaries, an accelerator to take in charge growing selected startups, and a network of startup and tech communities to help create ties and build a tech culture around our core startups.
Startups offer the best and fastest return on investment (ex: 6000x in 5 years - FB , Peter Thiel) but also have the highest risks. Our approach will reduce the risk and increase the success rate.

Country, Region

Poland [Lubuskie]

Germany [BERLIN]

France [Provence-Alpes-Côte dAzur]

Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania

Start date

January 2017

Estimated project cost

EUR 12 million


Research, Development & Innovation

Human Capital, Education & Training

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type


Economic rationale / Business Model

Companies that are accepted into our project enjoy dramatically improved success rates as their business enterprises are nurtured through early development years.

Specific benefits include:

Reduced Barriers to Entry:
The incubator environment would provide an easy start for new startups by offering office space, access to shared equipment, meeting facilities, hosting, and on-site business and technical assistance. This dramatically lowers the overhead and operating costs during critical early years.

Propel Growth:
Selected companies, will be accepted into our accelerator unit, where a highly professional team execute the vision in a perfect way. Then helps the graduating startups to IPO, acquisition or private growth.

Increased Visibility and Stature:
Networking and Mentoring, is an important aspect of creating a startup culture, putting our startups in the center and building a startup community around them not only help our startups grow, but also ignite entrepreneurship and innovation in the communities.

Based in the center of Europe and with access to cheap and talented programmers, we bet we can reduce the startup fail rate to under 30%, which translates in a guaranteed return on investments for our investors.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 0.120 million (1 %)

Financing source: Private

To give investors freedom to invest in what appeal to them, the project can be split into 3 entities:
- Incubators: Investors invest in an offices leasing & business assistance as a service - for money / equity.
- Accelerator cohorts: Investors can invest in cohorts of accelerated startups - equity investing.
- Startup community & Events: Investors invest in events as a business.
For those that understand what we are trying to create, they can back the entire project , for equity or as partners

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

The bottleneck is that the project is too ambitious for angel investors to invest in. Venture capital firms prefer to have more control over the startup selection, thus they avoid investing in incubators & accelerators. Banks do not really understand startup investing. Finding visionary risk taking investors is not as easy as you might think.

Project additional information

Cross-border: The project consists on launching connected incubators in France and Germany & an incubator/accelerator in Poland. Another part of the project consists on expanding the startup events and community creation to all the mentioned countries. All parts of the project will be closely connected to create an exponentially network effect.

Some Parts of this project have been launched, and are already playing a role in the local tech scene. We believe that we have what it takes to help European startups take an important place in the global tech and innovation arena.

Only by seeing our world anew, as fresh and strange as it was to the ancients who saw it first, can we both re-create it and preserve it for the future ~Peter Thiel

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