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Project description

Construction of Offshore Terminal for energy and container. Onshore Container Terminal and transfer vessels

The project consists of:
- offshore terminal built in the open sea, 8 nautical miles from the coast with 20m natural depth. The platform will be protected by a 4.2 km outer embankment that includes an energy terminal and a container terminal able to dock up latest generation container ships
- onshore terminal integrated with the offshore system, built in an area of 90 ha
- semi Submersible Barge Transport, a new means of transport to connect the off-shore to the on-shore and vice versa

Country, Region

Italy [Veneto]

Start date

January 2018

Estimated project cost

EUR 2197 million


Trans European Network – Transport

Multimodal Nodes (ports, airports, stations, logistic platforms)

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type


Economic rationale / Business Model

Given its location, the Port of Venice could play a relevant role as a gateway and logistics service provider to the whole of the North of Italy and more specifically to Eastern Lombardy, and other international destinations, such as Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc).
Since the financial and economic crisis has started, the Northern Adriatic ports traffics have continued thriving. This growth has been particularly significant for the container sector; indeed, from 2009 to 2015, the overall Northern Adriatic ports’ TEU traffics has raised by 77%, from 1.3 to 2.3 million TEU, whereas the Baltic Ports rose their traffic by 48%, the Northern Range by 22% and the Tyrrhenian by 31%.
The Port of Venice’s achievement in this sector is particularly relevant. Though just one of the three Far East – Adriatic direct services calls the Port of Venice, in 2015 it reached its throughput record, becoming the first Italian Adriatic port for container traffics.
Considering the whole logistics chain, the VOOPS has high potential competitive advantage to reach Central/Eastern Europe markets: savings up to € 389 per TEU; and 5-6 days saved in order to complete the shipping between origin and destination.

Financing details

Financing source: PPP

In 2012 the Italian Financial Act for 2013 (Law 228/2012), as per article 1, c.186, allocated 5 million Euro funding to the VOOPS project’s rump-up phase.
In 2014 the Italian Financial Act for 2015 (Law 190/2014) allocated 100 million Euro for the final design and first woks. The 100 million Euro approved were allocated as follows:
2016: 3 million Euro
2017: 30 million Euro
2018: 55 million Euro

The promoter has received / applied for EU / EIB financing support related to this project.

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

No highlighted bottleneck.
EIA already approved for the whole project, based on preliminary design.

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