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Project description

SnoreFree® is the 1st health app with a solid scientific background that can heal the problem of snoring. SnoreFree offers a highly effective anti-snore gym based on simple speech therapy exercises.

The SnoreFree Workout is based on 50+ logopedic video-exercises. A special developed algorithm provides the user daily a personalised training plan. The SnoreFree training strengthens the muscles in the mouth and throat, similar to voice training for singers and speakers. After only 1-2 months of training for 10 min a day, more than 80% of our users report a significant reduction in their snoring sounds and experience a remarkable improvement in their life- & sleep quality.

Sigismund Gänger


2017 - ongoing SnoreFree CEO & co-founder, idea, implementation, project management
2000 - 2019 Organization of music and cultural events, concerts, exhibitions & corporate events in the most famous venues in Vienna like Volkstheater, Porgy & Bess, Palmenhaus, Volksgarten, Strandbar Herman, Ottakringer Brauerei, Ankerbrot Fabrik...
2015 - 2016 Habsburghaus / Rax managing director for the “ÖAV” - Austrian Mountain Club
2011 - 2012 Gasthaus Mirli, operator & managing director, renovation, gastronomy, weddings, events
2010 - 2011 Kaffee Kurzweil, Consultant for design, marketing & sale
2006 - 2010 Club Planetarium, managing director, corporate & cultural events, concerts
1999 - 2005 Alpengasthof Krautwasch, planning, conversion & operation gastro, events, festivals
1993 - 1993 Apprenticeship certificate, gastronomy licence & apprentice trainer examination
1989 - 1993 Apprenticeship as a chef in the Rest. Pastaron
1984 - 1988 Technical college for communication engineering degree

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Country, Region

Austria [Wien]


Start date

May 2018

Estimated project cost

EUR 1.5 million



Other Digital, including Content and Services

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Project status

Construction completed

Revenue type

User fees

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Economic rationale / Business Model

Snoring is globally a widespread problem & influences both sexes & all ages. More than 2.5 billion people around the world are directly or indirectly affected by snoring. SnoreFree can improve the lives of millions of snorers & their partners, who lose daily 2h of sleep.
Our business model is based on classic B2C in the App Stores with premium in-app purchases & B2B cooperations with the public health care sector, mobile technology providers, insurances & other companies with a huge customer board.
Currently we are mainly working on the submission of the "Fast Track" procedure for digital health applications (DiGA) in Germany. That allows doctors to prescribe digital health apps to patients & write e-prescriptions, being reimbursed for doing so.
The digital health startups seeing an enormous surge in their popularity. As countries globally go into lockdown & those people who are not yet confined to their homes much rather do a video call with a therapist or use a health app than risk picking up the virus in a praxis.
Our mission is to offer SnoreFree globally & cost-effectively to enhance the life quality of millions due to healthier sleep with no need of pharmaceutics for deep sleep and more harmony in the relationship.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 0.60 million (40 %)

Financing source: Private

Q2/2018 - Q3/2020 Co founder
private investment - € 120k
Q3/2018 aws founded loan by aws
Austrian government - € 261k
Q3/2019 lead investor Oskar Obereder - € 60k for company shares
Q1/2020 legal & financial advisers - € 25k for company shares
Q1/2020 Google Cloud Startup Program - US$ 100k free credits
Q2/2020 Google Segment Start-up Program - US$ 50k free credits
Q2/2020 aws Covid 19 Startup Program founded loan - € 66k

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

There is an app called soundlyapp, working somehow on the same principle.This app can treat only 1 of 3 cause of snoring. It´s made like a computer game of the 1980ies & you have to like this kind of games.
Since a few month there´s another app called snoregym online. It´s a departure of the snorelab company & offers only 6 animated exercises for € 2,99.
Only the SnoreFree app treats all 3 root causes of snoring & has a scientific background by the speech therapist & co-founder Dario Lindes.

Project additional information

Q4/2017 SnoreFree app idea
Q1/2018 SnoreFree concept, cooperate design & logo, global TM & domains registration
Q2/2018 Snore Free GmbH foundation
Q4/2018 SnoreFree in 2Min2Mio TV StartUp show
Q3/2019 SnoreFree app beta release for iOS & Android
Q4/2019 Health Hub Berlin 2019 finalists
Q4/2019 DiePresse Austria StartUp of the year 2019 finalist
Q1/2020 Stable release for iOS & Android in English & German
Q2/2020 Get in the Ring Vienna health care StartUp winner
Q2/2020 GIN GoShanghai&Beijing selected StartUp coaching & incubator program
Q1/2021 submission of the DIGA application to establish SnoreFree in the German public health care sector

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