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Project description

Smove.City provides cities and municipalities their own shared e-bike solution. We provide a mobile app, a fleet management platform for the city which gives full access to real time data.

A data driven electric bike share solution dedicated to cities that want to take back the control over their mobility data. We provide our mobility software and hardware to cities that use mobility data to make mobility related decisions and policies. We integrate relevant real time mobility data such as traffic data, shared car data, transit data, shared mobility data, car accident data ...into our platform. This allows the city to analyse all the mobility data inside our platform .

Constantin Vermoere


Worked at Uber, founded another micromobility startup two years ago which is still operating in Belgium and France. Has been in Mobility for over 4 years.
I am committed to provide sustainable smart mobility solutions for the creation of better connected and sustainable societies by closely working together with cities and providing access to real time data.

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Country, Region

Belgium [Prov. Oost-Vlaanderen]

Czech Republic [Hlavní město Praha]

Portugal [Centro (PT)]


Start date

May 2020

Estimated project cost

EUR 2 million


Urban Mobility Projects

Industry for SMEs & Mid-Caps

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status

Construction completed

Expected Jobs created


Pitch Book


Economic rationale / Business Model

The revenue model is a monthly subscription paid by the city that for the fleet management and data platform.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 0.10 million (5 %)

Financing source: Private

Project additional information

Through our platform, each city has full control through the fleet management platform, they can create a geo-fence, "no-go zone" "low speed zones", "parking zones" and many more. The city can use the data for analysis and urban planning. We also provide webinars and educational material to cities to educate them on how they can improve the mobility in their city based on the analysis of their mobility data from our platform. This is where we are different, we can create behaviour change and we have the data to evaluate, measure, learn and improve people’s behaviour! We integrate historic and real time relevant mobility data such as transit data, shared cars data,&shared mobility data.With our platform the city can make data based decisions

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