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Project description

Development and enhancement of NGA Networks (Fibre to the Cabinet/Node networks) that will allow high-speed Internet access throughout Greece, with emphasis on the interconnection of remote areas.

The project includes:

a) confirmation and update the existing Next Generation Access (NGA) Plan for Greece,

b) adjustment of existing institutional framework and,

c) rolling out the Next-Generation Optical Fibre Access Network, aiming to provide Fibre to the Cabinet/Node services throughout the country.

Country, Region

Greece [Aττική (Attiki)]

Start date

September 2016

Estimated project cost

EUR 1500 million


ICT Infrastructures, including Broadband

Asset ownership


Project type


Project status


Revenue type


Economic rationale / Business Model

The project aims to provide ultra-fast broadband access throughout the country (including rural/remote areas), through the provision of Fibre to the Cabinet/ Node services, in a sustainable & operational way. The project is expected to confer significant benefits to the society. It will allow access of remote areas to numerous services that they are currently deprived of. Moreover, it will contribute to the development of e-commerce services & to the achievement of the Digital Agenda 2020 & Digital Single Market goals. By introducing such a network, major benefits for the digital economy, estimated at over 250mio€ per year, are also expected.
The project’s implementation will foster the development of a competitive environment and lower the barriers for new market entrants, will improve Internet access for the end user, while it will reduce substantially the commodity prices and will allow a series of new services to be developed.
Generally, the project aims to enhance users’ digital skills, to increase the development of e-governance, e-commerce and other digital services and to increase productivity throughout Greece, thus contributing to the strengthening of local economies.

Financing details

Financing source: PPP

The project cost breaks down: a) Excavations, €800.000.000, b) Network rolling out, €400.000.000, c) Terminals and Equipment, €300.000.000. The project duration is estimated at 2 years.
The proposed business model is that of a PPP. The construction and operation of the project will be undertaken by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). During the operational phase, the project revenues will come from commercial exploitation of services provided.

The promoter has received / applied for EU / EIB financing support related to this project.

Existing or potential bottlenecks for the realisation of the project / Potential risks

The pending introduction to the Greek Parliament of legislation regarding public works and permitting as well as of legislation that integrates 2014 EU Directives 23, 24 & 25, regarding public procurement contracts, will lead to the resolution of potential risks and / or bottlenecks relating to the process leading up to the contracting stage and to the monitoring of the project for the whole period of construction and operation.
Multiple Regulatory Regimes Regarding Access Rights.

Project additional information

Intended co-financiers are EIB, EU, Private funding, Public sector.
The proposed investment project demonstrates synergies with Public Sector Reform Projects related to electronic governance of the Ministry of Infrastructure Transportation and Networks.
The proposed investment project: promotes European Infrastructure Standards, contributes at ensuring full cooperation on infrastructure interoperability, involves all relevant actors notably, Member State authorities, regional and local authorities, industry and business world.

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