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Project description

The Earthquake Forecasting System aiming to show a viable solution to the long-standing challenge of producing actionable short-term earthquake early warning information to save lives.

The main elements of the system are satellite-derived information on thermal infrared (TIR) emission from the ground, on ionospheric perturbations to be separated from geomagnetic storm effects; regional ground sensor network has to extend over an area of at least 500 km radius, encompassing Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey; data platform for data analysis, evaluation and forecasting; and Web-Mobile Apps for alert’s communication.

Ronald Karel

President of GeoCosmo Research Center UK

Ronald Karel is a world-renowned expert on the existence of earthquake cloud. He has successfully demonstrated and proved the existence of ionized earthquake clouds. He is currently the Vice President Global Operations for GeoCosmo Center at NASA Ames Research Park. He is the Founder and President of GeoCosmo Research Centre and GeoCosmo Science in the United Kingdom. He is also the Founder and President of the International Society of Earthquake Precursors.

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Country, Region

Bulgaria [Варна (Varna)]

Romania [Nord-Est]


North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan

Start date

December 2019

Estimated project cost

EUR 8.5 million


Research, Development & Innovation

Other Digital, including Content and Services

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Economic rationale / Business Model

The proposed Earthquake Forecasting System can alert with 2 to 3 days lead time about major events. This let us design our business model to be prevention efficiency.
We understand prevention efficiency as better forecasting of earthquake disasters improves emergency response protocols, and by this, it improves the outcome of the events saving lives, minimising the damage and saving money by improving the prevention efficiency.

Financing details

Project financing secured: EUR 0.25 million (3 %)

Self participation: EUR 0 million (0 %)

Financing source: Private

GeoCosmo has been financed by some grant from NASA mes gaven to Dr FReund and the total amount is 250 000 uros

Project additional information

The prototype of the proposed system has been developed in NASA Goddard Space and NASA AMES Laboratories. It has been tested in Lima, Peru and the village of Kodiak in Alaska.
The proposed project roadmap is the following:
1-3 years: Establishment of the data platform and its integration with satellite sensors and data from existing IoT networks.
1-5 years: Deployment of the ground station infrastructure
2-5 years: Testing for real time earthquake forecasting
From 5th year: Exploitation of the Earthquake Forecasting System.
We have already established partnerships with Tbilisi State University, Georgia; Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece; Technical University Varna, Bulgaria; National Institute for Earth Physics, Romania.

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