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Project includes a greenfield phased construction of 600 MW combined cycle gas power plant near city of Slavonski Brod on the river Sava. The first phase is of net rated capacity up to 240 MW.

CCPP SB is designed as multi-shaft solution with gas and steam turbines to provide very flexible electricity production supporting peak, variable and intermediate load requirements. The power plant’s flexibility and dynamic properties allow offering ancillary services to electric power system (EPS), especially needed due to increased electricity production from power plants using renewable energy sources.

Land, Region

Kroatien [Brodsko-posavska županija]


Januar 2018

Veranschlagte Projektkosten

EUR 450 Mio.


Herkömmliche Energiegewinnung


Eigentum an Vermögenswerten


Art des Projekts

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Ökonomisches Kalkül / Geschäftsmodell

CCPP Slavonski Brod is fuelled by natural gas, the only currently available and accessible indigenous fossil fuel energy source in Croatia. Security of gas supply is also guaranteed by good connectivity of gas transport system by interconnections with adjacent countries’ gas transport systems and connections to main gas supply corridors.
The power plant will offer to the energy market electricity, ancillary services and balancing energy for electrical power system as well as for gas system.
The investment for the first phase of CCPP Slavonski Brod is approximately 190 million EUR, whereof 30% of own funds are provided by the founders in the company’s equity (equity shareholders) and 70% from financial market by long-term debt.
Financial success is achieved throughout the estimated period of the project (20 years), generating future positive cash flows and fulfilling all financial obligations within the planned life of the project. Investment is therefore justified because it guarantees to the investor maintaining of a long-term financial stability, strengthening and increasing of its financial power, successful business and appropriate profit.

Einzelheiten der Finanzierung

Projektfinanzierung gesichert: EUR 135 Mio. (30 %)

Finanzierungsquelle: Privat

There is a potential and possibility for joint venture of investors and market participants in order to provide the production capacities with necessary characteristics within the power system and energy market, and simultaneously minimize risks.
Investors and project participants have opportunity for profit from sales of broad portfolio of products and services that CCPP Slavonski Brod can offer on open energy market in Croatia, the EU and Energy Community (especially the SE Europe region).

Der Projektträger hat für dieses Projekt finanzielle Unterstützung der EU/EIB erhalten/beantragt.

Bestehende oder potenzielle Hindernisse für die Durchführung des Projekts / Potenzielle Risiken

1. Legislation changes
2. Natural gas price fluctuation
3. CO2 certificate price fluctuation

Zusatzinformationen zum Projekt

Location is carefully chosen, Environmental permit and Location permit are obtained.
Location has all relevant infrastructure on site (waterway, road, railroad, public water supply and drainage) and is ready for construction.
CRODUX ENERGETIKA has concession contract for 35 years (for construction and carrying out activities in port authority area).
Project is fully accepted by local community.

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