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First 4-wheeler cargo pedelec with a user-friendly upright sitting posture and a tilt mechanism in a competitive price range enabling a sustainable and smart city logistic.

- sustainable smart city logistic solution
- user-friendly upright sitting posture enabling a good overall view and good accessibility
- tilt mechanism for comfortable cornering
- modular transport system for different use cases and customer groups
- low complexity (not over-engineered)
- competitive price range

Project end:
- company founded
- development is completed
- 100 products are produced and tested by customers
- brand, marketing material and distribution channel are build up

Georg Wagner

Managing Director

- Co-founder of Spirit Design.
- Industrial engineering at Vienna’s University of Technology. 2 years later, he switched to Vienna’s University of Economic Studies, at which he earned in 1992 a degree in business administration.
- He and his team develop and implement sustainable innovation and brand strategies for customers in the industries of mobility & logistic, energy & environment, agriculture, industry. In this way, high-value products, services and brands are created which safeguard the future viability and long-term success of Spirit Design customers on the basis of pro-active corporate social responsibility and efficiency. The quality of this expertise is manifested by the economic success of our clients rewarded also by a large number of prizes from international consulting- and design organizations.
- From 2012 on Georg offers regularly courses in “Design thinking” and from 2017 on for “sustainable product development” on the the University of applied sciences in Vienna.


Land, Region

Österreich [Wien]


Juni 2020

Veranschlagte Projektkosten

EUR 1.7 Mio.


Fahrzeuge und Verkehrssysteme

Städtische Mobilitätsprojekte

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Auf Anfrage

Ökonomisches Kalkül / Geschäftsmodell

- Delivery companies (63%): postal services, last-mile logistics, e-commerce, food delivery
- Shared Mobility (22%): rental companies
- ‘Micro-logistics’ (10%): street maintenance, promotional companies
- Retail & consumer (5%): private users, home communities

First sales will be direct to large companies providing delivery and post services. Net Purchase Price for direct sales (about 95% sales) is €4,000 and 46.6% gross margin. The Retail Selling Price for Carr-e in line with the competition (€5,500-€9,990), with an initial customer price of €6,223 and 30% retailer margin.
Carr-e has been designed with modularity in mind. Different cargo modules will be available (open, closed, cooling/heating, opaque and translucent), so the final user will buy our vehicles customized to specific needs. With an additional price, customers can choose Optional Elements

Market penetration will be in Austria and Germany, where we expect selling 300 units in the first year and 936 in the third year (annual turnover of €9.7 M). From the second year of sales, we aim to penetrate in The Netherlands, Belgium and France, and in the third year we aim to expand to the rest of Europe.

Einzelheiten der Finanzierung

Projektfinanzierung gesichert: EUR 0.10 Mio. (6 %)

Eigenbeitrag: EUR 0.10 Mio. (6 %)

Finanzierungsquelle: Privat

Rough financing plan (not fixed yet):
- Self-participation: 100.000 EUR
- Funding: 200.000 EUR
- Investor: 400.000 EUR
- Credit by bank: 1.000.000 EUR

Der Projektträger hat für dieses Projekt finanzielle Unterstützung der EU/EIB erhalten/beantragt.

Bestehende oder potenzielle Hindernisse für die Durchführung des Projekts / Potenzielle Risiken

- Financing
- Engineering Partner with expertise in tilting mechanism
- At the moment unknown competitor popping up
- Aftersales

Zusatzinformationen zum Projekt

Parcel delivery market: €70 billion. Growth rates of 7% in mature markets like Germany, and almost 300% in developing markets such as India.
In 2017, e-commerce sales in Europe increased by 14% (€602 billion)
Bike sharing market: In EU 9.4% CAGR during 2015-2025. More than 340,000 bikes by 2025.
Global e-bike industry: nearly 35 million units sold in 2016. Excluding China, nearly 6.8 million units sold by 2025 at an 8.2% CAGR.

We estimate that in 5 years Carr-e will be producing 2.7% of the market share for cargo e-bikes (excluding China), when we expect an annual production capacity of 4,500 units per year, and total accumulated sales over 11,155 units. By 2025 annual sales could reach up to 6,000 units/year.

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