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The EIP-AGRI Service Point distributes the monthly newsletter on Agriculture & Innovation to subscribers. You will read more on the latest events, publications, networking possibilities regarding innovation in agriculture and forestry.

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If you have relevant information for the EIP-AGRI network based on innovation in agriculture - a video, a funding opportunity, an inspirational idea a call for contributions, a survey, a report, - then please do send it to us servicepoint@eip-agri.eu.
Newsletters go out on the second Tuesday of every month, so please send the info to us at least 4 weeks before that date.

  • Newsletter 87, EN FR EE SK RO November 2020
  • Newsletter 86, EN FR EE RO SK October 2020 (This newsletter focuses on soil)
  • Newsletter 85, EN FR EE RO September 2020
  • Newsletter 84, EN FR EE RO August 2020
  • Newsletter 83, EN FR EE RO July 2020 (This newsletter focuses on animal welfare and health)
  • Newsletter 82, EN FR EE RO June 2020 (This newsletter focuses on organic farming)
  • Newsletter 81, EN FR EE RO May 2020 (This newsletter focuses on the circular bioeconomy)
  • Newsletter 80, EN FR EE RO SK April 2020 (This newsletter focuses on plant health)
  • Newsletter 79, EN FR EE RO SK March 2020
  • Newsletter 78, EN FR EE RO SK February 2020 - (This newsletter focuses on digitalisation)
  • Newsletter 77, EN FR EE RO SK January 2020 - (This newsletter focuses on climate-related issues)

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