Teagasc is organising an Innovation Challenge Workshop "New skills and role of AKIS". The workshop will aim to identify new skills for food producers and professionals who work with them...Read more
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Wednesday, 13 February, 2019 to Thursday, 14 February, 2019

Learning and using digital technologies

The introduction and uptake of technologies requires new skills and knowledge for farmers and advisers. Raising awareness and organising training on a regional/local level is essential, especially to reach small and medium-sized farms where the use of digital technologies is not always thought of as profitable. Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) can play an important role in promoting mutual learning, to generate, share, and use knowledge and information related to digitisation in agriculture.

European farmers and foresters possess a wealth of agricultural knowledge. New tools, approaches and technologies can make it easier for them to share their information and expertise, learn from each...Read more

Online Digital Innovation Hubs catalogue

As part of the implementation of the Digitising Europe Industrial Strategy a Digital Innovation Hubs catalogue is currently being created containing comprehensive information on the digital innovation hubs in Europe to help companies get access to competences needed in order to digitize their products and services.

JoinData: the future of smart farming

JoinData provides the data platform for the Dutch agricultural sector. This digital data highway makes it possible to share, reuse and combine data.

ZLTO (Zuidelijke Land- en Tuinbouworganisatie)

ZLTO is a successful digital communication from farmers to consumers and citizens in the Netherlands.


SPARKLE, acronym for Sustainable Precision Agriculture: Research and Knowledge for Learning how to be an agri-Entrepreneur, is part of ERASMUS+ project and is supported by the European Commission. SPARKLE partnership is focused on Mediterranean countries and it’s the result of a cooperation between universities and farms from Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal which have already adopted PA technologies.

Smart Farming platform

Free and open platform for sharing smart farming technologies.

La ferme digitale

France is one of the great agricultural powers in the world and the role of La Ferme Digitale is to develop the farm of the future. Digital technology will support the competitiveness and everyday lives of farmers.