Research needs from practice

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Building bridges between research and practice

To cope with challenges in the field of agriculture and forestry, it is crucial that science and practice work together. Currently, many research results are only slowly translated into practical applications, or not at all. On the other hand, professionals from agriculture and forestry may have the impression that research does not meet their needs.

This is why the European Innovation Partnership on Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) promotes interactive innovation, focusing on real issues and research needs from the field. Projects where farmers, foresters, advisers, agribusiness, consumers and research work together from the start are much more likely to generate relevant and useful results that can be applied in practice.

What is a "research need from practice"?

  • A problem that professionals from the farming and forestry sectors come across in their daily work, and for which research may provide solutions
  • A possible solution or new method found in practice by a farmer or forester, which needs further research
  • An invention or innovative solution discovered by a farmer or forester, which could benefit from research to improve it or allow it to be transferred elsewhere 

How does the EIP-AGRI collect research needs from practice?

Research needs from practice can be collected at EIP-AGRI workshops and other events, during specific meetings with farmers, foresters, advisers or agribusiness representatives, or through other networking activities, such as contacts with advisory services, during field visits, and through reports from different organisations listing priorities in their fields. EIP-AGRI Focus Groups also identify research needs from practice. Some of these are brought directly from the field, by the farmers participating in the Focus Group.

The research needs that have been submitted through the online form on the EIP-AGRI website are reviewed by the EIP-AGRI Service Point team, and by the European Commission’s DG AGRI. They are also included in an annual report that is published online: research needs report 2018 - research needs report 2019 - research needs report 2020.

Make your own research needs known to the network

Start by registering to the EIP-AGRI website, to make full use of its benefits. This will allow you to submit your own research needs from practice, and make useful connections with people who may help you with your question.

To submit your research need from practice, fill in the online form on the EIP-AGRI website.  

Browse the EIP-AGRI Meeting Point to see if someone has already found a practical solution to your problem:

Once you’ve submitted your research need from practice…

Your research need from practice will become visible to other professionals in the field, researchers and policy makers from across Europe. They can then contact you to provide answers, or to let you know that they are dealing with similar problems.

This could be the start of a collaboration to find a solution together. Once you are working together, there are some funding opportunities that can support you.

To submit your research need from practice, please fill in the online form