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Agroforestry: a win-win for nature and the farmer Mon, 11/12/2017 Press Release
FarmHackNL connects farmers with customers, techies and hackers Fri, 08/12/2017 Press Release
Web-based information and advisory system help German fruit growers optimise returns Mon, 04/12/2017 Press Release
Operational Groups growing in experience: stimulating a culture of collaboration Mon, 27/11/2017 Press Release
Data-driven technologies increase Hungarian milk yields and milk quality Mon, 09/10/2017 Press Release
Growing protein crops to optimise livestock farms’ profits Mon, 11/09/2017 Press clipping
How farmers and researchers across Europe can learn from each other Mon, 28/08/2017 Press Release
Irrigation efficiency essential to optimise yield and quality of crops under climate change Tue, 18/07/2017 Press Release
Experts sought for EIP-AGRI Focus Groups to adapt to and mitigate climate change Tue, 27/06/2017 Press Release
Join the bumblebee revolution! Tue, 07/02/2017 Press Release
Farmers at the heart of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups Thu, 22/12/2016 Press Release
Experts sought for Focus Groups on dairy production systems, agroforestry and diseases and pest in viticulture Tue, 14/06/2016 Press Release
Improving permanent grasslands to the benefit of livestock, farmers and the environment Fri, 27/05/2016 Press Release
How are farmers dealing with biosecurity? Healthy animals, less medication and better prices through biosecurity Tue, 03/05/2016 Press Release
Slovenian smartphone app to find out where your food comes from Tue, 05/04/2016 Press Release
Tomato grower and fish farmer create profits through water re-use and energy exchange Wed, 23/03/2016 Press Release
UK farmers stepping in for climate change: Farmer Adam Twine developed a tool to increase farm profits while cutting carbon emissions Thu, 10/03/2016 Press Release
Experts sought for Focus Groups on nutrient recycling and mobilisation of forest biomass Mon, 29/02/2016 Press Release
Improving soils : Four tips to improve organic matter content in Mediterranean soils Thu, 15/10/2015 Press Release
Closing the gap from farm to fork: How short supply chains can help increase farmer incomes Thu, 08/10/2015 Press Release
EIP-AGRI Focus Groups: practical tips on hot agricultural topics - new agricultural challenges to be tackled Thu, 23/07/2015 Press Release
Growing protein crops has a profitable future, involving the entire value chain is key Mon, 15/06/2015 Press Release
Farmers looking for partners to set up innovative projects - All EU countries ready to support Operational Groups for farmers and foresters Mon, 09/03/2015 Press Release
Protein crops can be profitable in the EU Fri, 08/08/2014 Press Release
Innovative solutions for organic farmers in the European Union Sat, 10/05/2014 Press Release