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“It is a substantial financial loss for fruit growers when they find out after 7 or 8 years that their apples or pears aren’t commercially attractive for the market"Read more
Over the last 20 years, dairy farms in Estonia and Finland have moved into the digital age. Even though dairy farms are very different in the two countries in terms of size, they have both been developing technologies which could be adapted to bothRead more
Monitoring systems can be an efficient tool to indicate the presence of pests and diseases and predict future outbreaks, providing farmers with specific information so they can apply crop protection...Read more
Operational Groups develop solution for bee health and sustainable beekeeping Beekeeping plays an important role in the sustainable development of rural areas. It creates jobs, provides honey and other apiculture...Read more
The Pays de Caux is an area in the French region of Normandy known for its productive agricultural sector. But since the 1990s, the size of fields has increased and...Read more
PRO-PRODUCTION is a Slovenian Operational Group developing and promoting an irrigation decision support system to increase water use productivity at farm levelRead more
Landscape management techniques to foster biodiversity - “Flower strips, honey-producing crops, cover crops and hedges” - French projectRead more
Fertile Circularity Achterhoek project is all about “Improvement of soil fertility and quality of ground and surface water by reducing the leaching of phosphorus and nitrogen” says Carel de Vries, project leaderRead more
In the northern part of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein has just set up a digital strategy which takes farming into accountRead more
A moving floor in pig barns - an automated conveyer belt system to remove manure and add fresh bedding every two hoursRead more
“Antibiotics will become less and less effective and their use has to be reduced to a minimum” - Says Dr. Hendrik Nienhoff from German Operational GroupRead more
The Walloon Rural Network support unit has been running an initiative called “The Innovation Route” - five farm visits spread over 18 months bringing together diverse groups of farmers, consumers, researchers and agricultural advisersRead more
Inspiration and innovation for short food supply chains can be boosted when people, projects and European networks such as Horizon 2020 thematic networks and multi-actor projects connect with each other,...Read more
Cities offer enormous potential for agri-food producers involved in food chains operating in urban or peri-urban areas. Smarter logistics can shorten the distance between producers and consumers, stimulating market opportunities...Read more
Several innovative projects are testing cost-effective and sustainable solutions for more efficient logistics and distribution, allowing short food chains to share costs and resources, and tailor to the needs of...Read more
Developing new products through collaborative short food supply chains offers opportunities for agri-food producers to diversify their crop range, optimise processes, tap into new markets, and increase farm income. A...Read more
Grasslands have enormous potential for storing carbon (C) in the soil. Carbon sequestration improves soil health, makes soils more resilient to extreme weather events, contributes to climate change mitigation and...Read more
Dairy farms are currently faced with economic and environmental challenges, such as volatile prices, extreme weather events, and market demands for more animal-friendly production systems. Improving grazing management can lead...Read more
Permanent grasslands offer many benefits for biodiversity, ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, and animal health. Sustainable management strategies can help to maximise these benefits, for instance by matching grassland...Read more
Livestock production significantly contributes to ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions, specifically methane. Adopting grazing methods that let cows graze optimally can contribute directly to lowering livestock emissions. In addition, there...Read more
The EVID Operational Group (Spain) is testing the application of a fungal species during pruning to combat grapevine trunk diseasesRead more
Innovation support services play a central part in stimulating innovation for agriculture and forestry, example from ItalyRead more
Operational Group on forest management strategies to promote natural regeneration of evergreen oaks in woodlands in PortugalRead more
Polish Farmer Piotr Domasiewicz is finding ways to protect his apple orchard from frost damageRead more
A Swedish Operational Group is testing this concept - areas of land surrounding fields on which carefully combined strips of different herbs and grasses are plantedRead more