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Projects found: 2487
Published on Title Geographical location Project type
16/07/2015 PROGRASS: Securing the Conservation of NATURA Grassland Habitats With a Distributed Bioenergy Production Estonia Innovative action
16/07/2015 Radically different soil management helps to preserve soil quality Research project
16/07/2015 Energy and protein requirements for optimal feeding of organically farmed sheep, and effects on the quality of organic lamba meat Estonia Innovative action
16/07/2015 Induction of plant VOC emission by biotic and abiotic stresses and consequences for community ecology: a multidisciplinary approach (A-BIO-VOC) European Union Research project
16/07/2015 Functional biodiversity of soil organisms European Union Research project
16/07/2015 In.Te.R.R.A. (innovations for irrigation reuse of treated municipal and agro-industrial wastewaters) Research project
16/07/2015 Strategies to mitigate the effects of severe drought stress in the warm and arid southeastern Spanish viticulture Research project
16/07/2015 Implementation of genetic variation for improving brassicaceae answer to biotic and abiotic stresses. Spain Innovative action
16/07/2015 APMed - Managing Water Scarcity in Apple and Peach Orchards in a Mediterranean environment for Profitable Fruit Production and Exploring its Interest Other Research project
16/07/2015 Regiocorn Germany Innovative action
16/07/2015 Soilless cultivation of outdoor crops Research project