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Published on Title Geographical location Project type
24/02/2021 WELBEEF: production of management guidelines for the pre-slaughter of calves to improve welfare and reduce the incidence of DFD and petechiae Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Additive-free cured hams Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 EMBOCHEESE: development of new concept of packed cheese and the ripening process Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 2016-013 - FROM GRASS TO TABLE. Production and marketing of differentiated quality meat from pastures and in-house resources Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Promotion of the production of barley, wheat, alfalfa and oilseed crops in organic production of animal feed Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Control of Monilinia spp. and Rhizopus spp. in stone fruit using new strategies during the harvest Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 2018-002 - VEGETABLE PLAN. Sustainable collaborative diversification Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Study of the water cycle in pig farms and development of new methods for its use Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Automated cutting of meat and meat products to prevent accidents at work and improve productivity and hygiene Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 2017-007 - AUSOLAN: Promotion of local and sustainable products to boost the sustainability of the entire value chain of the agri-food sector Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 2018-001 - IMIÑE: Creation of a collaboration network between farmers and ranchers (crops-lifestock) for processing quality forages in Basque Country Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 2017-004 - BEHINGURU: Innovation, from waste to resource Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Implementation of short supply chains in Piedmont for the collection of native seeds from permanent grasslands and their direct use for revegetation Italy Operational group
23/02/2021 Innovation in ornamental plants: from cultivation to the end client with blockchain technology Spain Operational group
23/02/2021 AGRICOOP BIGDATA: intelligent processing of useful data in the production processes of cooperatives Spain Operational group
23/02/2021 ALMOND: key factors in improving the management of brown rot in almonds Spain Operational group
23/02/2021 "INKING" in peaches. Causes and solutions Spain Operational group
23/02/2021 Control of Myzus cerasi in cherry trees through functional biodiversity (using ecosystem services) Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 Innovating with aromatised wines, distilled spirits and liqueurs in wine cooperatives: a great opportunity to open up and reinforce new market niches Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 BEEFCOMPOST: Optimisation of the fattening cattle manure composting process Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 Improving the quality of meat products with inline optical sensors Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 Increase in polyphenols in extra virgin olive oil produced in the Lleida region Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 VALACTICAT: pilot project for the valorisation of whey in Catalan food industries Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 Assessment and validation of alternative disinfection systems to sodium hypochlorite in pre-prepared food industries Spain Operational group
22/02/2021 Automatic classification of peaches and nectarines according to ripeness using non-destructive technology Spain Operational group