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Projects found: 2487
Published on Title Geographical location Project type
31/03/2021 Yorkshire Agricultural Society, Farmer-Scientist Network United Kingdom Operational group
31/03/2021 AgrilusControlGroup United Kingdom Operational group
31/03/2021 ORC woodchip for fertile soils United Kingdom Operational group
31/03/2021 Laying Hen Welfare Forum United Kingdom Operational group
31/03/2021 The Green Pea Company Limited United Kingdom Operational group
31/03/2021 ADAS YEN YIELD TESTING United Kingdom Operational group
24/03/2021 Innovating the wine-growing of Basilicata: Through varieties regeneration, selection of local grapevines and studing the wine antioxidant properties Italy, Basilicata Innovative action
24/03/2021 Transfer of innovative technologies aimed to the reuse of treated municipal wastewater in Salento area affected by CoDiRO Italy Operational group
24/03/2021 Innovation of integrated and early production of fruit trees threatened by physiopathies and invasive alien pests. Italy Operational group
23/03/2021 Environmental Sustainability, Process and Product Innovations for Competitiveness of Soilless Farming in the Apulia Region - Operational Group Italy Operational group
23/03/2021 Innovation of tradition: innovative technology to enhance the quality of the native sparkling wines of the Murgia Barese Italy Operational group
23/03/2021 Peanut production and enhancement in Puglia Italy Operational group
23/03/2021 New cultivation systems based on legumes for cereals farms producer in Puglia Italy Operational group
23/03/2021 Natural by-products from vegetable matrices valorized for Preparations with high health properties Italy Operational group
23/03/2021 Innovations for the productive improvement of Margherita IGP onion. Italy Operational group
22/03/2021 OLIVE-Management Through Innovation and eXploration Italy Operational group
22/03/2021 Sustainable forest management in agroforestry farms of Gargano Italy Operational group
22/03/2021 " A new grain" for Apulia cereal production enhancement Italy Operational group
22/03/2021 SISAV - Integrated Systems for the Environmental Sustainability of the Vineyard Italy Operational group
17/03/2021 Transfer of protocols for quarantine and harmful organisms and for the selection of sanitary materials improved for the Apulian nursery Italy Operational group
17/03/2021 Arboriculture of the Third Millennium for the Restart of the Capitanata area Italy Operational group
17/03/2021 MORE THAN ORGANIC: innovative mamangement for cherries and table grape organic cultivation Italy Operational group
17/03/2021 Strengthening of the supply chain in Puglia Italy Operational group
17/03/2021 Pilot production chain of Boar and sheep and goats in the Alta Murgia National Park Italy Operational group
17/03/2021 2017-009 - HAZI EKOLOGIKOAK: Direct marketing of organic seed from local production through a network of producers. Spain Operational group