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Published on Title Geographical location Project type
15/06/2021 Moving forward together in the Ecoregion “Grenspark Groot Saeftinghe” Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Towards a future-proof agriculture in Zeeland; from wide to narrow Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Nature-inclusive agriculture in Oostkapelle Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Growing innovative fruit in a changing (entrepreneurial) climate Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Phytopthora Integrated pest management Techniques (PIT) Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 BOLAYO - Plastic-free cultivation in North Brabant Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Data driven farming Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 flutter farm mobile Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Bataat@NL Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Development of short pork chain Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Development of sustainable broiler house with ECO zero concept Netherlands Operational group
14/06/2021 WETWINE – Innovations in the application of constructed wetlands at wineries Spain Operational group
11/06/2021 LIFE AGRESTIC - Reduction of Agricultural GReenhouse gases EmiSsions Through Innovative Cropping systems France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania Research project
08/06/2021 Development of a short supply chain "Zdravo Križevci" Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Baskets of local products from Međimurje Region Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Establishment of a short food supply chain "Blue sea - green mounitains" Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Possibilities of using digestate from a biogas plant as fertilizer and soil improver Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 FAST AGRO DETECT Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Innovative methods of monitoring, forecasting and suppressing pests Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Application of available online satellite photo services within the possibilities and needs of domestic food producers Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Adaptation of soybean production to drought stress and formation of the recommended assortment for production areas of continental Croatia Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Adaptation of viticultural and wine production to climate change Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Research of production mechanisms for recovery of plant waste in agricultural production - OBO Croatia Operational group
08/06/2021 Bioashes for advanced agri-food production & soil fertility Ash4soiL Croatia Operational group
07/06/2021 New environmental and nutritional model at broiler chicken farms to reduce non-infectious lesions Spain Operational group