Projects found: 3002
Published on Title Geographical location Project type
16/01/2023 FOODRUS Spain Research project
10/01/2023 Sub-plot differentiated and optimised nutrient management in arable farming Germany Operational group
09/01/2023 DataYield - Agile data management from farming machines and services to new business Finland Operational group
09/01/2023 Methanation on the farm - Improving the profitability of on-farm biogas production by scaling in situ methanation from pilot to farm scale Finland Operational group
09/01/2023 Smart pig farm - combining data Finland Operational group
09/01/2023 Domestic pollinators for commercial gardens Finland Operational group
09/01/2023 ePlastic - developing the platform ecosystem Finland Operational group
09/01/2023 BITUPROP - Increasing the productivity of biogas reactor with process optimization Finland Operational group
09/01/2023 FarmEnergy Finland Operational group
20/12/2022 Cultivation of alternative protein sources in harsh locations in Austria using the example of the Mühlviertel region Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Innovations in Grazing techniques Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Austrian organic cover crop seeds Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Soil.Biodiversity Development of new cultivation methods to ensure microbial diversity in soils for climate-friendly and resource-efficient arable far Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Agroecological and -economical evaluation of the system Stripfarming and development of guidelines for practitioners Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Improved assessment of nutrient supply for organic farms using the example of phosphorus Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Neu.rind Digital tool for assessing sustainability, efficiency and environmental impacts on the dairy farm Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Value added mountainfarming - valorization of ecosystem-services Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 Market Gardening - Strenghtening the supply of fresh vegetables by innovation Austria Operational group
20/12/2022 PROTECTS Project: Understanding the impacts of pesticides on pollinator and soil health in Irish agriculture. Ireland Research project
16/12/2022 Establishment of an exemplary operational nutrient cycle management in a dairy cattle and biogas feed farm Germany Operational group
12/12/2022 Establishment of a National Agriculture Research and Innovation Hub Malta Operational group
29/11/2022 Best Practice Hens - Pilot Project on Best Practices for Alternative Egg Production Systems Netherlands Research project
25/11/2022 2019-010-ECOBERRI - Valorización de excedentes e innovación de productos procedentes de la agricultura ecológica local Spain Operational group
25/11/2022 2019-009-Gorbeialde - Innovative and participatory responses to the challenge of improving the competitiveness of extensive livestock farms. Pilot pro Spain Operational group
25/11/2022 2019-008- UTGNOGAL - Pilot Plan of Technical Management for the implantation of shell fruit trees in the Basque Country Spain Operational group