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Published on Title Geographical location Project type
18/06/2021 Selection of feed for gilt pigs to improve the lipid profile of high-quality cured sausages Summary Spain Operational group
18/06/2021 Optimisation of product homogeneity and reduction of residual brine in the cured ham industry Spain Operational group
18/06/2021 OTIVINYA: Grape harvest ripening and quantity control optimisation Spain Operational group
18/06/2021 Generate pig fattening standards for Ral d’Avinyó to produce optimal quality pork Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 More sustainable plastics for use in the meat industry (MATSOS) Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 Innovations in postharvest treatments against weevils in rice (ELMIRA) Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 Local production of high-quality flour with a high whiteness index Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 Innovative Silo for the Supply of Wood Chip (SISE) Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 Innovative solutions to reduce the use of nitrifiers in cooked meat preparations without affecting food safety andorganoleptic quality Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 EMBOT-ITS. Use of advanced technology and big data management to optimise sausage drying rooms Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 Reduction of cracking in the Fuji apple variety Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 Use of rain nets to reduce the application of fungicides to control apple scab disease Spain Operational group
16/06/2021 GOTA: Guide for the Optimisation of the Use and Treatment of Drinking Water for Fattening Calves Spain Operational group
15/06/2021 Working together for freshwater, from pilots to large-scale application of freshwater storage in the subsurface of Schouwen-Duiveland Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Moving forward together in the Ecoregion “Grenspark Groot Saeftinghe” Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Towards a future-proof agriculture in Zeeland; from wide to narrow Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Nature-inclusive agriculture in Oostkapelle Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Growing innovative fruit in a changing (entrepreneurial) climate Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Phytopthora Integrated pest management Techniques (PIT) Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 BOLAYO - Plastic-free cultivation in North Brabant Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Data driven farming Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 flutter farm mobile Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Bataat@NL Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Development of short pork chain Netherlands Operational group
15/06/2021 Development of sustainable broiler house with ECO zero concept Netherlands Operational group