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Published on Title Geographical location Project type
04/03/2021 Enhancement of the ecosystem services of the Monti Dauni forests in the Forest Contract Italy Operational group
04/03/2021 Organic rice production in areas with natural limitations such as the Ebro Delta Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 ECOCARN - Extension of the shelf life of organically certified pork and beef products Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 Characterisation and control of acid rot caused by Geotrichum spp. in peach trees in the Baix Segre region Acronym: GEOPEACH Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 Preservatives free cured meats Italy Operational group
04/03/2021 Development and validation of a range of food products (yoghurts with rheological adaptation and caloric and protein supplements for senior citizens w Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 Design of a market intelligence system prototype to monitor key indicators in fruit business management, and to improve economic decision-making. Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 FERTICOOP-GO Innovations to adapt to the best available techniques (BAT) in the Catalan cooperative agricultural sector Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 Valorisation of the cultivation of pulses by developing new products and innovative ingredients Spain Operational group
04/03/2021 COLOSTRUM HORSE BANK: THE MURGESE HORSE Italy Operational group
03/03/2021 VitCE United Kingdom Operational group
26/02/2021 Development of innovative, integrated quality control system for grain and fodder storage in ground-based warehouses Lithuania Operational group
26/02/2021 Implementation of intensive dairy farm systems mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases Lithuania Operational group
25/02/2021 Increase the productive and economic output of cherry tree cultivation by means of new architecture systems Spain Operational group
25/02/2021 GO COLOR 4.0 Spain Operational group
25/02/2021 Q-OLOR: strategies for obtaining pork free of boar taint Spain Operational group
25/02/2021 5-PROTEG: pre-cooked foods based on meat protein for senior citizens Spain Operational group
25/02/2021 Diversification of edible wild mushroom cultivation with new native species Spain Operational group
25/02/2021 Olive Biodiversity for Saving Salento from Xylella Italy Operational group
25/02/2021 PRRS Area Regional Control Programme United Kingdom Operational group
24/02/2021 Improvement of the sustainability of livestock production through the development of new balanced diets based on the valorization of agri-food by-prod Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Innovative systems for objectively classifying meat products or meat preparations Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 Automated cutting of meat and meat products to prevent accidents at work and improve productivity and hygiene Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 2018-002 - VEGETABLE PLAN. Sustainable collaborative diversification Spain Operational group
24/02/2021 EMBOCHEESE: development of new concept of packed cheese and the ripening process Spain Operational group