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Published on Title Geographical location Project type
23/09/2021 Operational Group Water protection Kruft Germany Operational group
09/09/2021 DECISION-MAKING-Integral and circular methodology for making business decisions Spain Operational group
09/09/2021 EFENERVI-Energy Efficiency in the Wine Industry Spain Operational group
09/09/2021 Improvement to hazelnut cultivation techniques, by efficient use of irrigation water and mechanical pruning Spain Operational group
09/09/2021 New scenarios for the industrial production of aromatic and medicinal plants in traditional Catalan farming system Spain Operational group
09/09/2021 Application of electrolysed water as a substitute for iodophor disinfectants, for the prevention of mastitis on dairy farms. Spain Operational group
09/09/2021 CLASCUIT-Development of a technological, quality-based classification system for fresh ham to improve the yield from the production process and the qu Spain Operational group
06/09/2021 Innovation in product, process and marketing to introduce local woods with special, greater value-added characteristics to the Catalan market Spain Operational group
06/09/2021 POM-ZERO: apple production minimising the use of phytosanitary chemicals Spain Operational group
25/08/2021 Climate-Farm-balance: Quantification of sources and opportunities to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHGs) in Agri- and Viticulture Germany Operational group
25/08/2021 Regenerative crop production using no-till and intercropping in the dryland region of Rhinehessen Germany Operational group
20/08/2021 AI supported pruning using the example of sore pruning in steep vineyards on the Moselle Germany Operational group
17/08/2021 Precision with technology in grassland management Netherlands Operational group
17/08/2021 Groningen Grain Greener and More Thorough Netherlands Operational group
17/08/2021 New techniques for sustainable agriculture Netherlands Operational group
13/08/2021 Spirulina in Northern Germany Germany Operational group
10/08/2021 Fresh fruits and vegetables. selling fresh fruits and vegetables in specialized stores and delivering them to restaurants Croatia Operational group
03/08/2021 Real-time nutrition supplement method Hungary Operational group
03/08/2021 Work out of the herbicide free production technology of phacelia at the Kisalföld region Hungary Operational group
03/08/2021 Ecological and low-input for the complex technology of Soya bean growing his development Hungary Operational group
09/07/2021 Recondition and renewal of soil fertility with ecosystem services Hungary Operational group
09/07/2021 Developing a new amelioration process to improve the bioligical activity, organic content and water storageing capacity of the soil Hungary Operational group
09/07/2021 Adaptation of crop mixes adapted to crops and soil types for use in ecological seedlings Hungary Operational group
09/07/2021 Kékfrankos (Blue franc) grape experiments Hungary Operational group
09/07/2021 Development of a complex sheep farming system based on biotechnology Hungary Operational group