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Projects found: 1867
Published on Title Geographical location Project type
21/07/2020 Digitization in horticulture Germany Operational group
21/07/2020 Practical testing, evaluation and approaches for the further development of current precision farming sowing and fertilisation technology Germany Operational group
21/07/2020 Alternative phosphorus fertilizers (P-recyclates) to increase the yield of legumes and cereals in organic farming Germany Operational group
21/07/2020 Creation of technical and organizational prerequisites for recording and evaluating the joint animal welfare Germany Operational group
21/07/2020 Development of a holistic sustainability standard for fruit growing Germany Operational group
21/07/2020 Optimization of cauliflower cultivation by monitoring with UAVs and machine-learning. Germany Operational group
21/07/2020 Nursery Stock Growing Support System Germany Operational group
14/07/2020 From malting barley to organic beer - blueprint for regional and sustainable value chain management Germany Operational group
10/07/2020 NEXTFOOD - Educating the next generation of professionals in the agrifood system Sweden Research project
08/07/2020 Food Transition at Universities: Places to learn, places to eat Spain Operational group
08/07/2020 STOP - Science & Technology in childhood Obesity Policy United Kingdom Research project
08/07/2020 Study of Quercus decline foci in the Community of Madrid and detection of surviving trees to develop tolerant varieties Spain Operational group
07/07/2020 New agricultural techniques for the recovery of varieties, adaptation to climate change and improvement of the competitiveness of the products of “Hue Spain Operational group
07/07/2020 AgroHub Madrid: Centre for regional fresh food distribution and innovation to scale up short food supply chains in Comunidad de Madrid. Spain Operational group
07/07/2020 Production of ecological enzymatic vegetable extracts for the production of sheep cheese. Spain Operational group
07/07/2020 Agroecological management of weeds from rained arable crops in the Comunidad de Madrid Spain Operational group
07/07/2020 Ancient grains for new health products Italy Operational group
03/07/2020 Scottish Organic Milk Producers : Grass to Milk Organically United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Livestock Performance Programme United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Feeding for Fertility in the Suckler Herd United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Benchmarking Carcase Quality in Scottish Pigs United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Digital Farm Project United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Scotch Beef PGI Traceability and Performance Project United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Keeping Cow with Calf: bringing innovation to dairying in Scotland United Kingdom Operational group
03/07/2020 Biodiversity Management in Shetland United Kingdom Operational group