Funding Opportunities

There are many funding opportunities that can support your project for innovation in agriculture, food and forestry. Browse funding and (open and past) calls here by type of funding, geographical scope, and more.  


EIP-AGRI information on funding sources

The brochure Funding opportunities (2014) provides information on European funding sources. It also points to national and regional funding available from the end of 2014 onwards, and where to find information for your region. 

The brochure on Funding opportunities under Horizon 2020 - calls 2020 (work programme 2018-2020) explains several opportunities to support demand-driven innovation actions in agriculture and forestry, especially through two specific approaches: multi-actor research projects and thematic networks.

We update members of the EIP-AGRI network on new funding opportunities and calls through the EIP-AGRI website and via our monthly newsletter. Join the EIP-AGRI network to stay up to date.

If you are looking for Horizon 2020 research project partners, you are welcome to come and find them on the LinkedIn partner search platform.