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  • Interesting Projects: Best practices in agricultural innovation, cooperation between farmers and scientists, inspiring project results to help you build a successful innovation project.
  • Project Ideas: a list of people with project ideas; some may be similar to yours. Browse the list for an overview of the projects that farmers, advisors, and others… want to develop. Who knows, maybe you can help each other out or find the right partner to start a project.
  • Needs for research from practice: Browse the list of knowledge needs that other people shares. You can find ways to cooperate with them and start new projects by contributing with your experience or innovative ideas.
  • Funding Opportunities.
  • Interesting links: other interesting databases and websites that may be helpful.
  • Contribute to the EIP-AGRI network: you are very welcome to share your project ideas, interesting projects, or other online resources with us through the Share section.