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AGRI challenge: sustainable pome and stone fruit production - 30 September 2022

Costantino is one of the farmers in the Operational Group SISCCCA. The project develops sustainable integrated systems to control the brown marmorated stink bug.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-sustainable-pome-and-stone-fruitAGRI challenge: sustainable pome and stone fruit

AGRI challenge: young innovators- 29 September 2022

Ricardo Soares, a Portuguese apple and pear grower, is a young innovator. He has brought many innovations to his farmer colleagues. As a young farmer, he also encountered some obstacles and found some solutions to overcome them.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-young-entrepreneursAGRI challenge: young entrepreneurs

AGRI challenge: farm data - 29 September 2022

José Palha, an arable farmer, has a lot of soil variability within each field. He and three other farmers set up the Operational Group ‘Precision Irrigation’ together with a precision agriculture consultant company, and the university of Evora to find sustainable solutions for this problem.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-farm-dataAGRI challenge: farm data

AGRI challenge: organic farming - 26 September 2022

Andrea Battiata is an Italian organic farmer. He has developed an alternative type of farming, which restores nutrients to the soil, sequesters CO2, is more resilient to climate change, and mimics what happens in nature, particularly in forests. His CSA provides vegetables to 100 families. 

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-organic-farmingAGRI challenge: organic farming

AGRI challenge: biodiversity - 14 September 2022

Ana Paula Gama is a Portuguese fruit producer, who joined the Operational Group 'PoliMax' to promote and increase the efficiency of insect pollination in apple, pear and cherry trees. It helped her a lot.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-biodiversityAGRI challenge: biodiversity

AGRI challenge: nature-based solutions for water management - 17 August 2022

The Tullstorp stream project is a water restoration project in Southern Sweden. It focuses on river restoration through meandering, two-stage ditches, and multifunctional wetlands irrigation and drainage. Project manager Christoffer Bonthron tells more and explains how farmers benefit from the project.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-nature-based-solutions-waterAGRI challenge: nature-based solutions for water management

AKIS: Building effective knowledge flows across Europe - 12 January 2021

Well-functioning Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) connect people and make sure that knowledge is shared across the EU. Watch this new animated video to see what AKIS stands for, and how it can help to tackle current and future challenges for farmers, foresters, rural communities and many others. 

/eip/agriculture/en/file/akis-building-effective-knowledge-flows-acrossAKIS: Building effective knowledge flows across Europe

EIP-AGRI: making EU agriculture and forestry future-proof since 2013 - 2 December 2020

The past 7 years, the EIP-AGRI built bridges between science and practice through Operational Groups, multi-actor projects and networking activities to foster innovation for a productive and sustainable agriculture and forestry. All these achievements are the work of everyone in the EIP-AGRI network: the enthusiasm of the EIP-AGRI network members is essential to the success of the EIP-AGRI. And everyone can benefit. Watch the video and hear researchers, farmers, advisers and managing authorities and NRNs about a.o. how the EIP-AGRI helped them.  

/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-making-eu-agriculture-and-forestry-futureEIP-AGRI: making EU agriculture and forestry future-proof since 2013

AGRI challenge: reducing the plastic footprint of agriculture - 26 November 2020

Spanish Operational Group project AColchados BioDegradables (GO-ACBD) investigates new techniques to accelerate degradation of mulch film. The project was launched to find a solution to deal with plastic debris in the farmers’ fields. Video & script: Operational Group ACBD Editing: EIP-AGRI Service Point

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-reducing-plastic-footprintAGRI Challenge - reducing the plastic footprint of agriculture

EIP-AGRI Focus Groups, sharing knowledge to inspire innovation - 9 November 2020

The EIP-AGRI has run over 40 Focus Groups on a wide variety of topics. Watch the animated video on EIP-AGRI Focus Groups to find out how Focus Groups work, how they inspire innovative actions in research and in practice, and how their results can be of value to you in your daily work.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-focus-groups-sharing-knowledge-inspireEIP-AGRI Focus Groups, sharing knowledge to inspire action

Subgroup on Innovation - 17 August 2020

Watch the video to find out how 56 experts active in agricultural innovation throughout Europe help paving the way for agricultural productivity and sustainable in the Subgroup on Innovation. Including interviews with 5 Subgroup members:Marko Mäki-Hakola (European Farmers - COPA, Finland), Anton Jagodic (Chamber of agriculture and Forestry, Slovenia), Bram Moeskops (International Federation of organic agriculture movements - IFOAM EU) Inger Pehrson (Swedish Rural network, Sweden), Sonia Ramonteu (Agricultural technical institutes - ACTA, France) and Rocio Wojski Pérez (Ministry of environment, rural development and fishersies, Spain).

/eip/agriculture/en/file/subgroup-innovationSubgroup on Innovation

AGRI challenge: New ways to deal with soil salinisation in farming - 28 July 2020


The EIP-AGRI Focus Group on soil salinisation explored possibilities to maintain agricultural productivity by preventing, reducing or adapting to soil salinity. Watch the video to find out what farmers, researchers and advisers could do to deal with soil salinisation.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/new-ways-deal-soil-salinisation-farmingNew ways to deal with soil salinisation in farming

AGRI challenge: Reducing antimicrobial use in poultry farming - 13 July 2020

Dutch poultry farmer Gerard Witlox: “Several years ago our broilers were suffering from Enterococcosis, which slowed their growth and meant we had to use a lot of antibiotics. I had heard about on-farm-hatching and I was wondering if this could work in my farm. By chance, one of the hatcheries that I was working with was developing new on-farm hatching techniques, improving chick health, development and welfare." 

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-reducing-antimicrobial-use-poultryAGRI challenge: Reducing antimicrobial use in poultry farming

EIP-AGRI: Innovation Support Services - 15 May 2020

Across Europe, Innovation Support Services capture grassroots innovative ideas, and help develop them into EIP-AGRI Operational Groups or other interactive innovation projects. By stimulating collaboration, they help build solutions and new opportunities for European farming and forestry. Watch the animated video to see how Innovation Support Services are supporting agricultural knowledge and innovation.

Available in: English - Estonian

/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-innovation-support-servicesEIP-AGRI - Innovation Support Services

AGRI Challenge: Pests and diseases in olive trees in Mediterranean regions - 4 May 2020

Over 750 million olive trees are cultivated worldwide, 95% of which are in the Mediterranean region. Several insects, pathogens and nematodes affect olive trees, threatening olive production. The number of these occurrences has dramatically increased in recent years, causing serious damage to overall EU olive production.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-pests-and-diseases-olive-treesAGRI Challenge - Pests and diseases in olive trees in Mediterranean regions

AGRI Challenge: Non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems - 10 February 2020

The Portuguese Operational Group HortInf is trying to find non-chemical alternatives to conventional weed management that could be used by Portuguese farmers. Involved farmer Francisca Chaves Ramos:”We are looking for ways to use cover crops to suppress the nutsedge. It may help them to reduce their chemical weed management.”

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-non-chemical-weed-management-arableAGRI Challenge: Non-chemical weed management in arable cropping systems

EIP-AGRI Operational Groups: cooperate to innovate - 4 February 2020

Watch the animated movie on EIP-AGRI Operational Groups to find out how collaborating with different partners in Operational Group projects can help farmers to find innovative solutions to challenges they are facing, and how these projects can lead to new opportunities.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-operational-groups-collaborate-innovateEIP-AGRI Operational Groups: collaborate to innovate

AGRI challenge: protecting soils from contamination - 14 January 2020

In the Italian region of Apulia, 22 grape farmers are working together in a cooperative. Pasquale Parente works as an agronomist for OP OROFRUIT. “Our cooperative has set very high standards to keep our soil healthy and to increase its quality. Growing grapes is a very input-intensive process and it could potentially contaminate soils. This can happen by the overuse of fertilisers and other chemical inputs. Working together therefore is very powerful to prevent soil contamination”, he says.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-protecting-soils-contaminationAGRI challenge - Protecting soils from contamination



AGRI challenge: Monitoring bee health - 13 December 2019

Italian beekeeper Michele Valleri is working with the Operational Group 'NOMADI-app' to test sensors on beehives, that send data directly from the hive to a regional network of beekeepers: “Aside from diseases, parasites, pesticides and other stressors that affect bee health, we increasingly have to face the effects of climate change. Every technology that can help us keep our bees in good health can be really helpful.”


/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-monitoring-bee-healthAGRI challenge: Monitoring bee health


AGRI challenge: soil salinisation - 12 November 2019

The future of the rice in the Spanish Ebro Delta is threatened by soil salinisation, caused by rising sea levels and erosion of the Delta. Besides the apple snail is ravaging rice crops by eating and uprooting young plants. A local Operational Group is testing how rice dry seeding can reduce the apple snail population and how this affects soil salinity.


Available in English - Spanish


/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-inspirational-video-agri-challenge-soil-0EIP-AGRI inspirational video: AGRI challenge: soil salinisation

AGRI challenge: increasing biodiversity in agricultural landscapes - 4 November 2019

Farmers, beekeepers and students have joined forces in the Biodiversité project in the region of Normandy in France to study the potential of increasing biodiversity on agricultural parcels by planting honey-producing flower strips. After three years, the project has achieved interesting results.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-challenge-increasing-biodiversityAGRI challenge - Increasing biodiversity in agricultural landscapes


Available in English - French

AGRI challenge: innovative value chains for medicinal plants - 15 October 2019

In 2014 five herb producers joined forces to form the organic herb farm ‘Under the Sun’, which made them the biggest Portuguese exporter of aromatic and medicinal plants. To save energy costs in the herb drying process, one of the farmers started a cooperation with a local engineer. This led to the creation of an innovative solar drying system.


/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-inspirational-video-agri-challengeEIP-AGRI inspirational video: AGRI challenge: innovative value chains for medicinal plants



AGRI challenge: crop diversification in grassland - 19 September 2019

Dutch dairy farmer Matté Eikelenboom explores crop diversification in his grazing land, to stimulate soil life and improve the health of his cows.  His mixed pastures show promising results for the quality of his feed and the health of his animals. The variety of species also helps increase organic matter in the soil. Exchanging knowledge with other farmers has been valuable in getting the best results. 

/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-inspirational-video-agri-challenge-cropEIP-AGRI inspirational video: AGRI challenge: crop diversification in grass land

Closing speech recorded by Phil Hogan, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development for the EIP-AGRI Seminar 'Multi-level strategies for digitising agriculture and rural areas' - 13 December 2018 - Antwerp, Belgium

/eip/agriculture/en/file/closing-speech-eu-commissioner-hogan-eip-agriClosing speech EU Commissioner Hogan at EIP-AGRI seminar on Multi-level digital strategies'

AGRI challenge: soil fertility through carbon storage - 30 October 2018

Alfred Grand is one of the farmers involved in Operational Group project BIOBO in Austria that focusses on improving yield and developing humus in the soil through reduced soil cultivation and organic fertilisation. The results of the Operational Group are very promising.

Available in English - Slovenian

/eip/agriculture/en/file/eip-agri-inspirational-video-agri-challenge-soilEIP-AGRI inspirational video: AGRI challenge: soil fertility through carbon storage


/eip/agriculture/en/file/agri-izziv-%E2%80%93-izbolj%C5%A1anje-rodovitnosti-tal-sAGRI izziv – izboljšanje rodovitnosti tal s skladiščenjem ogljika


Operational Groups - First experiences - 10 October 2016

The workshop 'Operational Groups: first experiences' took place in Legnaro, Italy, on 20-21 April 2016. Some Operational Group participants took the time to talk to us and tell us about their experiences.

/eip/agriculture/en/file/operational-groups-first-experiencesOperational Groups - First Experiences