A Support Facility for the EIP-AGRI network

The 'Support Facility for Innovation and Knowledge exchange including EIP-AGRI' acts as a mediator within the EIP-AGRI network, enhancing communication and cooperation between everyone with a keen interest in knowledge sharing and innovating agriculture, forestry and rural areas: farmers, researchers, advisers, businesses, environmental groups, consumer interest groups and other organisations. Its activities cover all 9 CAP specific objectives and the cross-cutting objective of modernising agriculture and rural areas by fostering and sharing knowledge, innovation and digitalisation.

The Support Facility 'Innovation & Knowledge exchange | EIP-AGRI' offers EIP-AGRI networking support to:

  • build up well-functioning Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) in the EU
  • foster smart and resilient agricultural, forestry and rural sectors, and food security
  • bolster environmental care and climate action
  • strengthen the socio-economic fabric of rural areas

The Support Facility spreads the word

In April 2013, the European Commission established the EIP-AGRI Service Point to connect people and facilitate innovation and knowledge exchange in agriculture. From July 2021 onwards, the EIP-AGRI Service Point was followed up by the Support Facility 'Innovation & Knowledge exchange | EIP-AGRI', which provides the following services:

  • A helpdesk, answering your questions in the EU national languages
  • Networking activities to bring together interested parties from research and innovation and foster knowledge building and knowledge exchange
    • Knowledge building: Focus Groups, addressing specific challenges in agriculture, forestry and rural areas
    • Knowledge exchange - Networking events:
  • Analytical work to identify possible synergies and complementarities, and opportunities for collaboration between projects; contributing to informing the research agenda at EU and national levels, closing the gap between research and on-the-ground practice. The latter will feed into the AKIS.
  • Feeding the EIP-AGRI network with relevant publications and coordinating the online Find and Share sections on the EIP-AGRI website.

In addition, the Support Facility 'Innovation & Knowledge exchange | EIP-AGRI' informs, engages and inspires innovation actors through the EIP-AGRI newsletter, the yearly Agrinnovation magazine, social media and press, to help agricultural innovations spread across Europe faster.

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The Support Facility 'Innovation & Knowledge exchange | EIP-AGRI' team


Management and office assistance

Pacôme Elouna Eyenga Team leader
Willemine Brinkman  Deputy team leader
Katrien Dejongh Audenaert Deputy team leader
Barbara De Vleminck Management assistant
Annick Raes Financial support
Stijn Saelens IT support

Communication team

Ina Van Hoye Communication manager
Sarah Beigel Communication manager - assistant
Tine Defour Communication manager - assistant 

Division A: Building up an EU AKIS - Stakeholder management        and facilitation

Margarida Ambar - Head of division  
Aleksander Bomberski  
Barbara De Vleminck  
Hayet Djebbi  
Fokke Fennema  
Mark Gibson  
Albin Hunia  
Pille Koorberg  
Paweł Krzeczunowicz  
Liisa Kübarsepp  
Stan Lalor  
Rasa Pakeltienè  
Ineke van Vliet  

Division B: Fostering a smart and resilient agricultural sector and food security

Szabolcs Biró - Head of division   
Carla Brites  
Fokke Fennema  
Anne Kinsella  
Elisabeth Klingbacher  
Konstantin Mihhejev  
Noreen O'Donovan  
Quico Ónega López  
Remco Schreuder  

Division C: Bolstering environmental care and climate action, and contributing to the achievement of EU environmental and climate objectives

Sergiu Didicescu - Head of division  
Barry Caslin  
Mark Gibson  
Albin Hunia  
Céline Karasinski  
Tiina Köster  
Antanas Maziliauskas  
Iiri Raa  
Jose Silvestre  
Liina Ulm  

Division D: Strengthening the socio-economic fabric of rural areas

Tajana Radic - Head of division  
Padraig Fitzgerald  
Beatriz Guimarey Fernández  
Martin Jamrich  
James Keane  
Stefania Lombardo  
Xurxo Loureiro Veira  
Pedro Miguel Naves  
Ana Pires da Silva  
Annalena Puglisi  
Marta Yonkova