Adapted Kinect game for exercise and fun

Kineage centres on achieving active healthy ageing. The solution comprises a serious game in 3D to help the elderly exercise while having fun. The difference of this solution with other products available on the market is that it can be used even in wheelchairs, and it can be adapted to the particular necessities of the user. This way, exercise, rehabilitation and the enjoyment of an accessible leisure is promoted. Even by having a total lack of knowledge of new technologies, the users are able to play the game, learn about its use and apply this knowledge in other technological fields, addressing the problem of the digital divide. The game was developed by researchers from DeustoTech LIFE (eVida), University of Deusto (Spain), in collaboration with the Santa y Real Casa de Misericordia in Bilbao (residence centre for elderly in risk of exclusion). This project was funded by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and was selected among the 20 finalists of \"Social Innovation in Ageing - The European Award 2014\", in which 220 institutions around Europe participated.

State of project

Phase of the project: 
Phase of scaling-up: 
Working on business plan
Kind of collaboration sought: 
EU regions to exchange experiences, Advisor for guiding in market-uptake stages
Project looks for: 
Business developers
Barriers encountered: 
Finding right business model