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Living it Up

LiU is an award-winning online digital self-management service which empowers people, aged 50 and over, to use technology to manage their health and wellbeing, and be better connected to their communities. LiU has been co-designed and co-produced by a range of partners in the public, statutory, voluntary and private sectors. LiU’s person-centred platform supports the management of the high-costs of caring for an ageing demographic and a growing population living with long term conditions, through a series of prevention and early intervention initiatives.
Geographical scope: 
Local level
Region involved:
Countries involved:
Organisation name: 
Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, NHS 24
Organisation address: 
NHS24 Caledonia House 140 Fifty Pitches Rd Cardonald Glasgow G51 4EB ...
Kind of organisation: 
National public authorities
Time for deployment: 
More than three years
Preparation of implementation: 
1. Solution exploration phase (June - December 2012) The following activities were undertaken during this period: a) Community engagement through individual interviews, focus groups, workshops and creation of community engagement website b) Preparation of communication materials - newsletters,...
Investment per citizen / service user / patient: 
No available calculation.
Cost calculation: 
There is no option available for bellow 100 EUR. Following LiU Evaluation the costs were estimated at between £1 and £2.80 per user...
Evidence of practice: 
Documented evidence. Evidence is based on systematic qualitative and quantitative studies
Evidence creation: 
The evaluation plan was designed to generate hight quality data that can be used to measure the impact of LiU and to inform wide-scale rollout of LiU across a whole population. The evaluation plan consists of 3 strands: 1. Overall Dallas Evaluation - The purpose was to analyse the socio-technical...
Maturity level: 
There is evidence that the practice is economically viable and brings benefits to the target group. Further research and development is needed in order to achieve market impact and for the practice to become routine use
Maturity level detalis: 
Current evidence from LiU identifies: It is generating preventive behaviour/s in its users, including a three-times lower self-reported instance of using care services, six times higher self-reported instance of community volunteering; plus a greater capacity to care for others and a willingness...
Time of impact: 
Long term and sustainable impact – e.g. a long time after the pilot project ended and routine day-to-day operation began
Kind of impact: 
Better quality of life (societal)
Aspects time of impact: 
Up to May 2015, Living it Up (LiU) was an innovation project funded over 3 years by the Scottish Government and Innovate UK (previously the Technology Strategy Board) as part of the UK wide dallas programme. Following the completion of the dallas innovation phase, LiU was funded by the Scottish...
Transferability level: 
Ready for transfer, but the innovative practice has not been transferred yet. The innovative practice has been developed on local/regional/national level and transferability has been considered and structural, political and systematic recommendations have been presented. However, the innovative practice has not been transferred yet.
Transferability details: 
There is commitment from policy makers that future models of care will shift power from professionals to people. Evidence shows that engaged and empowered citizens who feel supported to achieve their own personal goals are more likely to engage in healthy behaviours, support others and use public...
Type of Practice: 
Notable practice
Stakeholders concerned: 
Primary care centres
General practioners
Day care centres
Home care centres
Nursing homes
Informal caregivers
Medium-sized industry
Large-sized industry
National public authorities , WHO
Regional public authorities
Local public authorities
Reach of initiative: 
10,000 - 99,999
Age group: 
50 - 64
65 - 79
Baseline information: 
The LiU self-mamagement hub seeks to address the following problems: 1. Health & Wellbeing Scotland, like wider UK, is facing the challenge of effectively managing an ageing and increasingly co-morbid population whilst controlling health and social care costs. Over the next 10 years the...
Source of funding: 
National funding