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The Ks is a leading and highly original in orthopedics. It possesses key competences both in the areas of health, in the orthopedic / Physiatric and in the body's metabolic balance, both in the study of the application materials, both in the design and manufacture of diagnostic equipment and rehabilitation. All aimed at improving the quality of life of people. At the same time the Ks creates value through innovation, growth and continuous experimentation. The proprioceptive plantar stimulation method to neuro bio mechanical action plantar guarantees a recovery and an even distribution of muscle tone and elasticity to the entire body's fascial static chain. The goal is to reduce the risk of fall and improve balance and postural habits.
Geographical scope: 
National level
Region involved:
Countries involved:
Organisation name: 
Centro ricerche KS International Group srl
Organisation address: 
Via Ammiraglio Bianco 83013 Mercogliano (AV) Italy...
Kind of organisation: 
Other, please specify
no profit research center
Time for deployment: 
Less than a year
Preparation of implementation: 
https://translate.google.it/translate?hl=en&sl=it&u=http://www.ksig.it/&prev=search ...
Investment per citizen / service user / patient: 
Between 100 – 1.000 EUR per targeted citizen / patient
Cost calculation: 
Cost of the insole (250 euros); anaysis of the gait and foot (250)
Evidence of practice: 
Documented evidence. Evidence is based on systematic qualitative and quantitative studies
Evidence creation: 
Maturity level: 
The practice is “on the market” and integrated in routine use. There is proven market impact, in terms of job creation, spin-off creation or other company growth.
Maturity level detalis: 
Insole is documented in general as a tool capable to reduce the risk of falls - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18559634 KS insole is US FDA approved - https://www.patentsoffice.ie/en/News/Current-News/Journal-2101.pdf...
Time of impact: 
Long term and sustainable impact – e.g. a long time after the pilot project ended and routine day-to-day operation began
Kind of impact: 
Better quality of life (societal)
Aspects time of impact: 
We have identified the time of impact on the basis of our on field experience treating about 50,000 people in 10 years
Transferability level: 
Ready for transfer, but the innovative practice has not been transferred yet. The innovative practice has been developed on local/regional/national level and transferability has been considered and structural, political and systematic recommendations have been presented. However, the innovative practice has not been transferred yet.
Transferability details: 
our successful pilot experience in Southern Italy is a good predictor for Trasnsferability in other Italian and EU regions to reduce risk of falls and improve quality of life.
Type of Practice: 
Notable practice
Stakeholders concerned: 
Specialised physicians
General practioners
Informal caregivers
Private companies
Advocacy organisations patients/users
Other, please specify
Reach of initiative: 
> 100,000
Age group: 
Baseline information: 
The Foot "Active Ks Medical" leads to a normalization of receptor information from esterocettori and proprioceptors of the feet, so it must be worn in the morning, you do not just get up out of bed in the evening. It should be positioned with the part consisting of rubber downwards in...
Source of funding: 
Private funding