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Happyair an m-health program for integrated care in chronic respiratory disease

We provide a service to HCPs and patient/care-givers which is enabled via a platform where patient data is collected via an App for mobile telephones or tablets which the patient or care-giver uses.Our educator/coach network is initially being led & managed by respiratory physiotherapists to ensure that physical activity is a key factor to the patients program, to improve health status. A team of educators or coaches can monitor the patient information through this platform & in parallel ,via a contactcenter CRM service, follow-up patients or care-givers on their progress . They can share this information with collaborating healthcare professionals : doctors , specialists or other HCPs such as psychologists who offer holistic support, with patient consentment. The program also enables the patient and/ or care- giver to access health education materials or workshops, to learn more about his/her disease management and learn how to self- track effectively using digital tools or devices with a specific program for their disease or needs. Each person has their own daily healthcare plan and follows their own goals guided by their doctors' and coaches advice. The relationship with the coach provides them with information on many items prevention, better understanding about their diagnosis, a care plan and deals with worries or concerns that arise. The service is hybrid: both online and offline where available in the patients own location where they can participate in group sessions or individually. The educators role is to empower the patient with support and guidance in digital healthcare tools or other needs in their own environment.They are trained as tele-care educators specialised in active lifestyle in chronic-care patients. They help patients to navigate their digital literacy skills and work on motivation & behavioural change to improve adherence and outcomes. The care support is online/offline according to network and local resources with collaboration from partners who want to provide better quality of life and solutions for an ageing population across their network or region.
Geographical scope: 
International level
Region involved:
Countries involved:
Organisation name: 
Fundación Lovexair
Organisation address: 
Paseo de las Delicias, 30 Madrid 28045 Spain...
Kind of organisation: 
Advocacy organisations patients/users
Time for deployment: 
Less than a year
Preparation of implementation: 
Developed a protocol for a clinical study to self-manage patients based on published material and from clinical experience and an environmental scan on practice across many countries. Invested in developing an app to monitor patient activity, adherence, symptoms, lung hygiene, quality of life and...
Investment per citizen / service user / patient: 
Between 100 – 1.000 EUR per targeted citizen / patient
Cost calculation: 
Cost is based on: Training program for educators online/offline Contact center : time , resources and internet/telephone costs + annual connection costs Connection costs to clinica data management platform for maintenance+security data legal costs for security and data privacy compliance IT...
Evidence of practice: 
Documented evidence. Evidence is based on systematic qualitative and quantitative studies
Evidence creation: 
Evidence was based on 2-4 years study of existing self-management projects . work carried out in patient expert projects for improved advocaccy across numerous organizations worldwide and healthcare systems with the aim of designing and providing a low-cost model which can be financed across a...
Maturity level: 
There is evidence that the practice is economically viable and brings benefits to the target group. Further research and development is needed in order to achieve market impact and for the practice to become routine use
Maturity level detalis: 
The project is almost completed pilot phase and is being adapted for a scaled-up version with CRM interface and with relevant training to be launched in Octobre 2017 for educators.
Time of impact: 
Low impact – e.g. impact has been seen only while a pilot project was running
Kind of impact: 
Better quality of life (societal)
Aspects time of impact: 
This model can be transferred out via trained educators in a 6 month period.The resources are all available and the IT partnering is being scaled up to meet larger number of users. The training programs for educators will be launched in October 2017.
Transferability level: 
Ready for transfer, but the innovative practice has not been transferred yet. The innovative practice has been developed on local/regional/national level and transferability has been considered and structural, political and systematic recommendations have been presented. However, the innovative practice has not been transferred yet.
Transferability details: 
Transferable via third parties who provide services to people with chronic respiratory disease including healthcare professionals, residencies, hospitals and clinics, specialised services, pharmacies, insurers or industry who want to provide better value , promote active lifestyles,for their user...
Type of Practice: 
Good practice
Stakeholders concerned: 
Specialised physicians
Small-sized industry
Research centres
Advocacy organisations patients/users
Advocacy organisations others
Other, please specify
Reach of initiative: 
1,000 - 9,999
Age group: 
18 – 49
50 - 64
65 - 79
Baseline information: 
Improve adherence in elderly patients with chronic respiratory disease and especially in activity levels and quality of life.There are almost no resources in pulmonary rehab in any region of Spain and is a problem in many countries worldwide. There is almost no follow-up or tele-care support for...
Source of funding: