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FrailSurvey: a mobile phone app for self-assessment of the frailty status among community-dwelling older people

FrailSurvey is a mobile phone app for self-assessment of the frailty status among community-dwelling older people. This mobile app is free of charge, being available for IOS and Android operating systems. The screening of frailty status was based on the Groningen Frailty Index. The app assesses diverse sides of the life of the elderly, namely their mobility, physical shape, vision, hearing, nutrition, as well as cognitive and psychosocial aspects. In the end, the older adults were classified as robust, pre-frail or frail. When the older adult is classified as pre-frail or frail some recommendations were available. The results obtained in terms of frailty status will be important for healthy ageing, as it can help lifestyles changes to prevent or revert they frail status. This app collects data in an anonymous way and generates a database for research proposes.
Geographical scope: 
National level
Countries involved:
Organisation name: 
University of Porto/ Porto4Ageing Reference Site
Organisation address: 
Praça Gomes Teixeira 4099-002 Porto, Portugal...
Kind of organisation: 
Time for deployment: 
Less than a year
Preparation of implementation: 
The development and implementation of this innovative practice were started with experts and civil society representatives meeting to define the questionnaire and tool to access frailty. After, translation and cultural adaptation of the questionnaire, technical development of the application; and...
Investment per citizen / service user / patient: 
No available calculation.
Cost calculation: 
not applicable
Evidence of practice: 
Apparent evidence. Evidence is based on qualitative success stories
Evidence creation: 
The mobile phone app has been launched on 9th May, which was news in several Portuguese media, for example http://www.dn.pt/noticias-magazine/interior/aplicacao-criada-no-porto-permite-aos-idosos-avaliar-a-sua-forma-fisica-7202703.html http://www.noticiasmagazine.pt/2017/aplicacao-criada-no-porto...
Maturity level: 
The idea has been formulated and/or research and experiments are underway to test a ‘proof of concept’.
Time of impact: 
Medium impact – e.g. shortly beyond the pilot project period
Kind of impact: 
Better health (societal)
Transferability level: 
Ready for transfer, but the innovative practice has not been transferred yet. The innovative practice has been developed on local/regional/national level and transferability has been considered and structural, political and systematic recommendations have been presented. However, the innovative practice has not been transferred yet.
Type of Practice: 
Good practice
Stakeholders concerned: 
Primary care centres
General practioners
Reach of initiative: 
1,000 - 9,999
Age group: 
65 - 79
Source of funding: 
Private funding