1. Online listing of innovative solutions


In the framework of the PROEIPAHA project, supported and financed by the European Commission, an online market sourcing was conducted with the objectives of detecting innovative solutions in the AHA sector. After 2 months, 81 solutions were submitted through the online platform.

Following the online market sourcing, an Expert Group was created and was made up of 10 multidisciplinary experts, from 6 different European countries, with different profiles such as nurses home directors, physicians, public purchasers, IT experts, AHA innovation experts, living lab directors...

The objective of the Expert Group was to assess the 81 solutions submitted through the platform answering these 3 questions:

  1. Is the solution within the scope of the Active and Healthy Ageing field?
  2. Based on your expertise and experience, does the solution address a need?
  3. Based on your expertise and experience, does the solution seem innovative?

You will find here information about the 30 innovative solutions that fulfilled the 3 requirements mentioned above and that were selected by the Expert Committee to be part of this online listing.
We hope this list will help you to discover new solutions and facilitate your market research for innovative solutions.

Note: The information contained in the information notice was provided by the companies.