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What is the geographical impact of EIPonAHA? Check the EIPonAHA policy dashboard


EIPonAHA is a major collaborative effort, with thousands of different stakeholder activities: from commitments to good practices, from indicators to reference sites.

All these activities are displayed on the EIPonAHA portal, under various sections and databases. But it is not easy to provide a comprehensive overview of what EIPonAHA delivers on the ground. This is the goal of the new EIPonAHA policy dashboard. This dashboard presents, through an integrated geographical visualisation, all the key EIPonAHA activities (commitments, good practices and reference sites), together with contextual indicators extracted from official statistics related to Active and Healthy Ageing. The data related to activities is taken from the EIPonAHA portal. The data related to contextual indicators is taken from EUROSTAT.

Anyone can use the dashboard by:

  1. Selecting the chosen territorial indicator and/or the activities to be displayed.

  2. Navigating the map and choosing a country/region/local areas (from NUTS 0 to NUTS 3).

  3. Reading and downloading the relevant data in the bottom area of the screen.


We hope you find it useful and look forward to your feedback.

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