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Sustainable Integrated Care for Older People in Europe - SUSTAIN


SUSTAIN aims to concretely improve the way care services for older adults are organised and delivered across Europe, and especially for those who have multiple health and social care needs. The project started from our observation that in all European countries, care for older people is often poorly coordinated. This prevents care from adequately meeting the needs of older adults, and it shows that quality of care and outcomes could be much improved. SUSTAIN will in particular aim to support and improve what we call ‘integrated care’ by producing a Roadmap beginning of next year. Follow us on Twitter to find out when it will be released (@SUSTAINeu). As a teaser, have a look at our video explaining the project: http://bit.ly/2z8BHID

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Relevance to partnership: 
Active ageing and independent living, Care and cure, Prevention, screening and early diagnosis