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Promoting accessibility by default in web authoring tools: Guidelines now available!


As part of the We4authors, a European Pilot on web accessibility for web authoring tools producers and communities, Funka has analysed the main results of the prototyping and testing of accessibility features in different authoring tools.

The result is a set of 3 different good practice and concrete guidelines available for public sector authorities, producers of authoring tools and for ICT suppliers. 

This pilot project consists of a set of focused initiatives with the most relevant and used licensed and open source authoring tools in public sector in Europe, that fosters and facilitates the incorporation of accessibility features as the default option in authoring tools, making them accessible to all, including people with disabilities and older adults.

During the project, Funka worked together with selected European authoring tools producers to:

  • try out a set of accessibility by default features on a group of popular authoring tools widely used in EU public government units,
  • develop some prototyping of features accessible by default or supporting authors to publish accessible in the framework or template of the authoring tools,
  • test the prototypes with existing users,
  • carry out a market analysis to make sure the project covered the most used and diverse authoring tools in public sector in EU.

The ultimate objective of We4Authors is to stimulate the market, creating new expectations and healthy competition for web authoring tools producers wanting to incorporate accessibility features by default to meet the growing demand set by the new EU regulations.

Funka now have the opportunity to build on the ideas that came from the pilot project through two new projects that will implement the accessibility by default features in different content management systems (CMS):

  • CLUSTER aims to encourage the market to integrate accessibility by default in authoring tools, both generating automatic accessibility and supporting authors to publish in an accessible way.
  • FEAT aims to design templates that can be used by web authors who are not experts in accessibility. When accessibility is built in from the start in the CMS templates, the chance that the results work for everyone will increase.

The guidelines and market analysis are available for download

For additional information, please visit the We4authors website

For additional information about the step 2 projects, please visit:

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