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Porto4Ageing launches a mobile app for self-assessment of frailty


Porto4Ageing, a Reference Site and Partner Plus of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing of the European Commission, will launch on May 9th a mobile app which will enable a self-assessment of frailty.

The app, named FrailSurvey, based on the Groningen Frailty Index assesses diverse sides of the life of the elderly, namely their mobility, physical shape, vision, hearing, nutrition, as well as cognitive and psychosocial aspects. The results obtained in terms of frailty status will be important for healthy ageing among community-dwelling older people, as it can help life styles changes to prevent or revert they frail status. 

The mobile app is free of charge, being available for IOS and Android operating systems.

The development of the mobile app was the central activity of a 2016 Pilot Twinning project funded by Scale AHA - Support to scaling up of innovations in Active and Healthy Ageing. This scheme aims to fund cooperation activities between European Reference Sites, in order to share and implement innovative ICT solutions and good practices. This mobile app is based on a good practice developed by DEP – Lazio Regional Health Service Reference Site, of Rome, Italy.

The Porto4Ageing consortium brings together over 90 organisations, the large majority of them established within the Porto Metropolitan Area, in the Northern Region of Portugal. The consortium revolves around a shared vision and common targets, where each organisation actively contributes in a specific way to the overall goal of responding to the citizens' needs. The Porto4Ageing alliance is committed to promoting local convergence and improving the health innovation ecosystem, while reducing and overcoming existing bottlenecks. It is doing so by promoting joint work for high impact, thus bridging the gap between public and private actions and instruments and, ultimately, facilitating knowledge exchanges and scaling up of results.

More information about Porto4Ageing can be found here.