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Multicollaborative growth model for the health and care sector: a reflection on the state of the art


What are the benefits of multistakeholder and policy collaboration for the health and care sector? Policy Officer Jaakko Aarnio analyses this and more in a pre-publication of the DG Connect Open Innovation Yearbook 2017.


In the article, Jaakko Aarnio presents the benefits of a multistakeholder and policy collaboration to the health sector. He also discusses the advantages of thematic Communities of Practice (CoPs) to foster growth in the context of healthcare challenges across the innovation chain.

Aarnio assesses the application of a multicollaborative growth model for research, innovation and translation to clinical practise by presenting six examples of CoPs and their underlying contexts covering eHealth and ageing.

Additional examples of integrated policies/strategies at local, national and EU levels support the findings. They provide practical measures for the healthcare community and point towards new ways of working.


Full article is available in the document below