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A major digital innovation improves Parkinson's early detection


The significant technological advances of recent years in artificial intelligence are beginning to bear fruit in the medical field. Several leading European universities of technology and hospitals have joined forces to carry out a digital revolution in the early detection of Parkinson's disease. 

The iPrognosis mobile application (free on Google Play Store in Austria, Australia, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, the UK) allows a detailed and long-term follow-up of the user's characteristics. The algorithm developed and trained as part of the research project will be able to detect early signs of the disease and alert health professionals in order to diagnose the disease well in advance of what we are able to do today as part of traditional medical consultations. 

We have 10 months to go before we close data collection and release a final version of the app. We would like to make best use of these 10 months to make sure the algorithms screening for symptoms are accurately trained. Please contribute by downloading the app, helping us release the app in a new country (contact: estelle.huchet@age-platform.eu) and spread the word!

The project offers promising advances for persons facing Parkinson's in the future who will be managed earlier, but also for the sustainability of our health systems through more rapid diagnosis and quick implementation of first actions in early stages of the disease. Join the movement!

Early Diagnosis, artificial intelligence, big data, Parkinson’s disease
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