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MAFEIP: Call for Expressions of Interest in submitting new Use Cases



MAFEIP is a web-based tool the purpose of which is to estimate the health and economic outcomes of a large variety of innovations in health and social care. From the EIP on AHA perspective, MAFEIP represents the key instrument to estimate the impact of EIP on AHA interventions.

An increasing number of organisations across Europe are using MAFEIP to assess the effectiveness and economic sustainability of innovative health and social care interventions, take their decisions to invest or to buy, inform policy-making, influence further technological developments, and better formulate research questions. Moreover, several European research and innovation projects are including MAFEIP as a key tool for impact assessment in their work plans with a view to obtain evidence-based validation of their outcomes. 

Based on the feedback received from MAFEIP users, the MAFEIP tool has been improved. The enhancements will increase the tool’s flexibility and adaptability to complex interventions and facilitate its adoption across Europe as an analytical framework. The new MAFEIP 2.0 version is thus enriched with new functionalities that enable a more accurate estimation of the utility and cost-effectiveness of interventions.

The result of the study that each organization using MAFEIP carries out is called hereafter a Use Case.


Who can use MAFEIP

Any public or private organisation in Europe which is implementing or testing a technology-enabled solution for digital health and social care is eligible as a potential MAFEIP user.


What you need to use MAFEIP

Your data can come from clinical studies, expert opinions, and your own views – it may even be just preliminary. Based on the data introduced into the tool, MAFEIP performs an incremental analysis of the impact of your innovation. This means that MAFEIP estimates the changes in healthcare resource use, societal resource use and health-related quality of life that result from using your innovation instead of current care. As a result, you need data on both the current care situation for your target population as well as the situation in which your intervention is used.


The MAFEIP community

The team of the We4AHA project is supporting the building and consolidation of a wide MAFEIP community across Europe. WE4AHA is the Coordination and Support Action 

aimed at advancing the effective, large-scale uptake and impact of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA).

The MAFEIP community is attracting new organisations willing to apply its innovative solutions.


The benefits of becoming a MAFEIP user

By becoming a MAFEIP user, your organisation will be able to:

  • Better serve the information needs of patients, clinicians, payers, and other decision makers.
  • Reduce the uncertainties that often limit the value of research in clinical and health policy decision making.
  • Carry out rigorous pre- or post- market validation of innovative products and services.
  • Better target policy decisions based on specific needs.



  • You will receive continuous support from the MAFEIP team.
  • You will have access to a set of educational materials and training tools to help you becoming familiar with the MAFEIP model.
  • Your Use Case will be published on the MAFEIP website.
  • You will be invited to participate at a dedicated session of next EIP on AHA Conference of Partners (date to be decided). Moreover, the three most promising Use Cases submitted in 2018 will be selected by an external Jury, nominated as MAFEIP Ambassadors, and invited to present their experiences at the conference.


How to submit your Expression of Interest

If you are interested in starting use MAFEIP, please send a one-page summary (written with a minimum font size of 11-point) about your potential Use Case. It should contain the following information:

  • Title of your intervention.
  • Name, address and country of your organisation.
  • Name and email of the contact person who will be in charge of the MAFEIP Use Case development.
  • The scope of your intervention.
  • The target population your intervention addresses. 
  • The current status of your intervention.
  • The expected impacts of your intervention and the indicators you are using (or planning to use) to assess them.
  • The types and sources of data you are collecting.


Deadline for the submission is next 22nd June 2018 at 18:00 CEST.


Further information

If you need any clarification on the Call, please write an email to info@mafeip.eu.

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