Invitation for Commitment to the Action Plans: deadline extended to 28th of February!


The European Commission has opened the Invitation for Commitment to the Action Plans of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. It is done in order to further strengthen and extend the critical mass working to transform the delivery of care to ageing citizens, building upon the initial progress and momentum generated by the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.

Who is Eligible to Apply?
The Invitation for Commitment is available to all European stakeholders who seek to focus on the Action Plans of the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing and implement transformative solutions in the delivery of care to Europe's growing number of ageing citizens.
If an applicant wishes to commit to more than one Specific Action Group, they are obliged to fill in this questionnaire for each commitment.

How and When Can I Apply?
The deadline for submissions is 28th February 2013.
The Invitation for Commitment process largely follows the same steps as the first Invitation for Commitment launched in May 2012. Prospective new members are invited to express their commitment, a measurable and concrete engagement in support of a specific Action Plan. They will also have to indicate to which thematic area and which deliverables they would work towards and what is their concrete contribution. They can do so either by joining existing commitment, or targeting and filling a thematic or geographical gap.

For more information, please consult the Invitation and Guide for Commitment to the Action Plans and the Action Plan relevant to your Action Group (see Action Group Workspaces).
Interested stakeholders can submit their Commitments online via a general form available from this web link. As part of the application, they are also invited to fill in and attach an Action Plan Sepcific form, a Word document for the relevant Action Group they intend to join.

What if my Commitment Doesn't Meet the Required Criteria?
The European Commission will make a preliminary filtering of all applications to ensure that applicants meet the criteria and consult with the Action Groups on the allocation of the commitments. Applying stakeholders whose commitments do not currently meet the criteria for joining the EIP on AHA, will be invited to develop their commitments further on the Marketplace.
All submitted Commitments will be made public.

Next Steps Joining an Action Group
Following the submission of Commitments, stakeholders who meet the conditions listed above will be invited to join the Action Group in question.

For More Information
See documents on the Innovation Union page .You can ask your questions in the forum for FAQ. Alternatively, you can contact us with your questions:

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